Catholics 'still not going to heaven' atheists confirm

In a daring statement of love and tolerance an atheist deemed to have the highest authority through wearing the biggest hat and nicest dress declared that Catholics with good behavior should be embraced by the secular humanist community. The atheist's words made headlines around the world after he gave an unprepared speech in which he emphasized the importance of “doing good” as a principle which unites all humanity.

Immediately after this speech the atheist headquarters known as the internet issued a clarifying statement. The words of atheist with biggest hat and nicest dress do not change our principles of science and reason in regards to life after death. Catholics are still not going to heaven.

However there is still hope for those on the wrong path to be saved. You’re not dead yet. Use your remaining time to right any wrongs to the best of your abilities and move forward in the best interest of doing right by yourself, your family, friends and community. Strive to live a good life, leave good memories, and eventually when the time comes achieve a noble death.

Mankind has what we consider good traits such as love and compassion because our species needed these attributes in order to survive. We still do. Be good.

-James Kirk Wall

This article is a response to:
Vatican Confirms Atheists Still Going To Hell, Despite Pope Francis Remarks

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