The male chauvinist god


The Jews, Christians and Muslims all believe in the god that originated in the Old Testament. This god was written to make man in his image. Therefor this particular deity looks like a man. He has two arms, two legs, eyes, nose, a mouth, and what else? Between his legs is a penis. Many religious people will argue that this kind of portrayal of their god is offensive, but can they argue that it isn’t true? What does looking like a man mean? What is one of the primary attributes that differentiates between the sexes?

The answer to the riddle of god’s eleventh digit is quite simple.
It’s the reason why the greatest sacrifice was an only son.
It’s the reason why the Pope has always been a man.
It’s the reason why a woman’s testimony in court is worth half that of a man’s in the Quran.
It’s the reason why in three thousand years of Egyptian pharaohs, extremely few were women.
It’s the reason why white women received the U.S. Constitutional right to vote fifty years after black men.
It’s the reason why prominent women in antiquity are so extremely rare.
It’s the reason why countless women over thousands of years have been restrained from reaching their full potential.

The answer, of course, is male dominated societies where being born with a penis automatically placed you in the upper half of social class. It comes from a time where an advantage in physical strength rather than intelligence was far more relevant than it is today. The greatest bigotry over the past millenniums has been against women and it still continues today most prominently in Islamist theocracies.

God having a penis cannot be explained by an eternal entity that created everything. The first life form on this spec of cosmic dust called earth that had any kind of humanoid resemblance took billions of years to evolve. We are the result of an extraordinary amount of evolutionary progress which resulted in humanoids and an extraordinary amount of luck that allowed a branch of primates to develop the intelligence that has led to our dominance of the world and technology that has achieved greater accomplishments than anything dreamed of in mythology.

There can never be enough evidence of natural explanations for theologians while myths and magic require none. Science, history and common sense clearly reveal that men in male dominated societies made god in their image, not the other way around. It’s time for all men to realize that having a penis doesn’t make them special. It gives them no right to oppress the other half of the population. May the ancient bigotries against women continue to die in today’s civilized societies and may the countries still infested with arrogant and rampant male chauvinism be cured of their ignorance.

-James Kirk Wall

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