Penn Jillette lost Celebrity Apprentice, but wins for the atheist label


Penn Jillette did not win Celebrity Apprentice. He still won a whole lot of money for his charity Opportunity Village and gave a whole lot of positive publicity to the atheist label as a highly intelligent outgoing and friendly guy with a big heart. So even though he didn't win the finale, he’s still very much a winner and all the non-believers won with his performance.

Trace Adkins is to be congratulated. He brought in more money in the final task and that’s what the completion is about. He created a team from the beginning that completely annihilated the other team. He’s clearly an excellent judge of character, and who was the first person he selected? Penn Jillette who Trace predicted from the beginning would join him in the final two.

Whether it’s corresponding with people like Donald Trump, Glenn Beck or Bill O’Reilly, the atheists need to get out and get heard. Being a non-believer is nothing to be ashamed of. Way to go Penn!

-James Kirk Wall

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