Creationism forced on students in Louisiana


Activist Zack Kopplin and Senator Karen Carter Peterson lost a third bid to repeal the so called Louisiana’s Science Education Act. This misguided law that should have been repealed allows mentally unqualified science teachers to “supplement” evolution with creationism. Under that logic Mother Goose should be used to supplement U.S. History and Harry Potter should supplement Algebra. The only hope for kids in school to get a decent education is to either have competent science teachers or to take learning in their own hands through self-study.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal supports the creationist bill and asked what are we scared of? Apparently graduating a new generation of scientifically illiterate idiots in a global economy, meaning global competition, shouldn’t worry anyone in regards to the future of our country. Apparently aligning our scientific policies with Islamist theocracies is nothing to be scared of.

Even the Catholic Church, which used to have an issue with the sun being the center of our solar system, has accepted the reality of evolution. But fundamentalists continue to argue that origins based on magic, dirt, and a rib must override reality.

Anyone claiming that creationism is a competing scientific theory to evolution is either ignorant or a fraud. Either they are dishonest through lack of knowledge or willfully misleading people. Creationism isn’t even a scientific hypothesis let alone a scientific theory. Creationism is no more a competing scientific theory to evolution than storks delivering babies is a competing scientific theory to child birth.

Any student is certainly free to ask questions regarding intelligent design in science class. Any science teacher is certainly free to explain the difference between theology and the scientific method. The latter being the proper subject for science class. If adults truly want to encourage critical thinking about religious issues and other matters, that can certainly be achieved by adding philosophy, world religious studies and journalism to the high school curriculum. Perverting science education with ancient myths has nothing to do with increasing critical thinking skills.

The good news is that the latest repeal attempt did garner more support than the last one. And on May 7th the Louisiana Supreme Court ruled six to one that the voucher funding mechanism violates the state constitution. The voucher program was another way that Governor Jindal was using public funds to support Christian indoctrination. The battle for reason over Biblical lunacy surprisingly continues in modern times. With 7 billion people in this world in need of a decent quality of life along with hundreds of thousands of years of future generations needing a planet to live off of, it’s time to unequivocally put quality science education over myths and superstition.

-James Kirk Wall

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