Why Romney Lost – An agnostic’s perspective

With the economy struggling and unemployment still high; this was Romney’s race to lose. Here are 5 major factors that contributed to Romney’s downfall.

5. The insurance struggles of people with pre-existing medical conditions is an enormous issue with many Americans. By only stating that he would repeal Obama Care without properly addressing the protections that many American’s valued, Romney lost support.

4. I’m going to cut taxes and reduce the deficit at the same time. How? Bill Clinton at the DNC took out the legs of Romney and the Republicans on their reducing the deficit rhetoric. President Clinton said it was a matter of simple arithmetic; Romney’s plan doesn’t add up, and it didn’t.

3. Republican religious extremists embarrassed Romney and hurt his chances. A view that abortion should be illegal even in the case of rape is not a view that most Americans share.

2. Handouts to the rich do not translate to economic prosperity. The rich have gotten richer and the economy hasn’t improved. And now the rich should be given more? Promises of no capital gains tax and no estate tax are not going to sell with working class people. The problem isn’t that rich people aren’t investing; the problem is that they aren’t investing here.

1. Hurricane Sandy. During this terrible storm and the initial days of recovery, Romney was completely out of the news cycle. Instead there was President Obama in the arms and being praised by Republican Governor Chris Christie. This gave positive press to President Obama right before the election.

James Kirk Wall

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