Are Republican creationists killing Mitt Romney?

When it comes to science education, Mitt Romney’s Massachusetts leads the country according to a recent ranking. Massachusetts ranks much higher than President Barack Obama’s Illinois. Science education is an enormous issue for independent voters. It is critical that this country graduates a new generation of a science and engineering literate work force to compete on the global stage. Our future depends on it.

Unfortunately there are creationists who want to take science backwards. They are demanding that Biblical Genesis be taught side by side with evolution and attempting to do this through legislation. And every time there is a misguided State Senator that introduces such an unconstitutional bill to pervert science, it’s always a Republican. It’s always a scientifically ignorant Republican that doesn’t understand how evolution works or what the scientific definition of a theory is. And these creationist bills have been introduced in state after state after state under various dishonest disguises such as so called proposed laws to promote “critical thinking skills.”

Should we teach children that every species might have been created all at the same time even though fossil evidence conclusively demonstrates a progression of species complexity over long periods? Should we teach students that every continent and group of islands has unique breeds and species of plants and animals with traits specific to survival in each particular environment, but that all just might be some kind of coincidence? Should we keep students ignorant of the fact that most of the food they eat has been modified by humans using the very mechanics of evolution? Should we teach students in science class that god blowing into dirt and cracking off a rib is a competing theory to human evolution? Would that fall under “critical thinking?” The very notion is absurd.

Until the Republican leadership does something to silence the scientifically challenged among their ranks, the entire party will continue to receive ridicule and lose scientifically minded independent voters. Pope John Paul II recognized the realities of evolution back in 1996. The Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams understands full well that humans evolved from other animals. Being Christian does not have to mean being scientifically dense. It’s time for the creationists to evolve.

James Kirk Wall

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