A Universe All About Nothing

George – I’ve got it Jerry! Nothing! It’s all about nothing!
Jerry – What’s about nothing?
George – Everything! Life the universe and everything! It’s all about nothing!
Jerry – Nothing?
George – Nothing!
Jerry – But what about “first cause” and “let there be light?”
George – Nope! It’s all about nothing.
Jerry – How are you going to sell this?
George – Are you kidding me? What question has been stumping mankind for centuries?
Jerry – How did something come from nothing?
George – Right! And now they have the answer. Nothing!
Jerry – But how do you get something out of nothing?
George – Modern science.
Jerry – Modern science?
George – Yes! According to modern science, there is no such thing as nothing.
Jerry – But you just said that everything came from nothing.
George – Ah ha! That’s because in nothing tiny particles pop in and out of existence.
Jerry – You’re making this up.
George – No! Don’t you know anything? Particles pop in and out of existence.
Jerry – So?
George – Well don’t you see? If tiny particles pop into existence, then bigger things can pop into existence and here we are.
Jerry – Are you sure?
George – What? Are you calling Stephen Hawking stupid?
Jerry – I guess not.
George – Good! It’s settled then! It’s all about nothing.
Jerry – But you mean nothing that’s actually something?
George – Yes
Jerry – Because particles pop in and out of existence?
George – Yes
Jerry – So how does that happen?
George – I don’t know.
Jerry – So a particle that is something pops into existence where there is nothing. And we don’t know how?
George – Never mind.

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