Saudi king Abdullah and Wahhabi clerics equate “atheist thought” to terrorism

How do you rule over other human beings? How do you convince people that your wealth and their poverty is justified? How do you subjugate and oppress those outside the “royal” family or religious hierarchy? Do you claim that your rule comes from god? According to the almighty creator of the universe, I am royalty... Read more »

Republican creationists make everyone look stupid

The earth, and all life on it, wasn’t created in 6 days or 6 billion years for that matter. After the first 6 billion years of the universe, our third generation sun didn’t exist yet. The birds came after the things that creep, not before. The story of Genesis was written by men trying to... Read more »

Two Great Presidents without College Degrees

Before Harry Potter, George Washington was the boy who lived. After battle, after battle, after battle, he somehow survived. Keep in mind that most of these battles were losses. Napoleon surviving warfare was easier to understand. He was mostly on the winning side and short enough for the bullets to whiz over his head. Washington’s... Read more »

Women deserve better than Radical Islam

Having a penis doesn’t make one human being superior to another A woman is her own self, not the property of a man A woman’s testimony in court must be equal to a man’s A daughter should get the same inheritance as a son A sexually assaulted woman is not the criminal, she is the... Read more »

Bill O’Reilly’s shameful interview with “God’s Not Dead” Kevin Sorbo

God’s Not Dead is a movie based on a lie. No Philosophy professor has ever told his or her class that they all know there is no god and made writing “God is dead” a class assignment. Never happened, and such a premise is not only blatantly dishonest, it’s an insult to the entire field... Read more »

Bill O’Reilly provides best response to Global Warming

This 43 second clip made during a Bill Maher and Bill O’Reilly exchange years ago is the best common sense approach I’ve seen in regards to the Global Warming issue. For years the debate about climate change has been focused on evidence instead of solutions in the media. The marketing campaign for climate change concern... Read more »

Dear Mark Levin, magic won’t balance the budget

Life is hard for a fiscally conservative atheist. There’s no place to go. The word conservative in America today in regards to the economy has a two-pronged meaning. #1 Fiscally conservative #2 Right-wing religious nut Atheists who want to hear economic ideas and solutions on conservative talk radio need to put up with the childish... Read more »

When “Religious Freedom” becomes “Religious Entitlement”

Don’t like the Affordable Care Act also known as Obama Care? Not to worry. Your religious beliefs may soon exclude you from adhering to a law that everyone else must follow. Not religious? Sorry, no special treatment for you. This is according to the Equitable Access to Care and Health (EACH) Act, H.R. 1814 that... Read more »

Knowing the word of God – 3 easy steps

Step #1 – Someone has to write that god said something in order for god to actually say something. If someone simply makes a statement without any god reference, that’s only their own words and opinions. In order to be eligible for divine recognition, it must follow the format of God + “communication verb” +... Read more »

No Mike Huckabee, America doesn’t deserve to burn for being secular

Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), Mike Huckabee said he “knows” there’s a god. And of course, this isn’t just any god or idea of a greater intelligence, this would be specifically the god of the Bible. He wasn’t done. Not only does Huckabee claim to “know” there’s a god, but that without... Read more »