Mythinformation Conference - James Kirk Wall's slide deck

I’ve been asked by several people if I could share the slide deck from my presentation at the Mythinformation Conference on April 25th, 2015. Enjoy! The actual video footage of the presentation should be available soon. Anyone who’s studied Robert Green Ingersoll will not be impressed with C.S. Lewis The universe will run just fine... Read more »

Calling all Chicago area atheists and free thinkers to Milwaukee on April 25th

Road trip! A celebration of skepticism is coming to Milwaukee! A full day event for the religiously unaffiliated! A gathering of warriors in the battle of reason over superstition! Speakers include myself and: Hemant Mehta – An atheist superstar who goes by the name “Friendly Atheist.” He can be seen on Atheist TV, and many... Read more »

No Steve Chapman, religious freedom is not worth protecting, secularism is

I strongly believe in a secular society which means no persecution or privilege based on religious beliefs. I believe in one law of the land where everyone is treated equally. If someone is arrested for smoking marihuana, there isn’t a decision point of a Catholic, Islamist, Hindu, Confucian or Jewish court. There is one court... Read more »

If it’s been written before, write about it again

“There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done Nothing you can sing that can’t be sung Nothing you can say but you can learn how to play the game It’s easy There’s nothing you can make that can’t be made No one you can save that can’t be saved Nothing you can do but... Read more »

Dear Indiana, it’s not religious freedom, it’s religious privilege and bigotry

The United States has made tremendous progress in equal rights. Removing long standing cultural discrimination against people based on sex, race, and religion is never easy. It came at a great price of blood, years and tears. Human progress is something to take pride in. Why would anyone want us to go backwards? After decades... Read more »

James Kirk Wall discusses atheist issues with the Godless Engineer – Part 1

Recently I was interviewed by the Godless Engineer. He’s recently interviewed AronRa, Hemant Mehta, and David Silverman. He’s going to be with me, Hemant (the Friendly Atheist) and Dr. Richard Carrier at the Mythinformation Conference on April 25th hosted by Mythicist Milwaukee. We covered a lot of topics during this discussion such as the attack... Read more »

Dr. Ben Carson on gay people, how can he be so stupid, but at least he apologized

There is a small percentage of the human population that is gay. Men who are physically attracted to other men, women who are physically attracted to other women, and bisexuals who are attracted to both sexes. This isn’t rocket science, it’s really easy to understand. Other primates and other animals exhibit at least some homosexual... Read more »

Secularism made easy for Bobby Jindal

Secularism isn’t an attack on religious liberty, secularism is religious liberty. Everyone is equal under the law regardless of religious belief. This isn’t a bad thing, this is a pinnacle of human progress. But the word “secular” is unfortunately under attack by misguided and dangerous politicians such as Bobby Jindal. They don’t want fairness, they... Read more »

Is it better to be in prison or be homeless?

Many Americans are less than a year away from losing everything. They’re living paycheck to paycheck, or perhaps have some money tucked away that could carry them for a few months. What happens if they lose their job and remain unemployed for a year? What happens if they lose their mortgage or apartment? What happens... Read more »

Atheist Gethsemane (I Only Want to Say)

The following is a slightly re-worded Gethsemane from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar I only want to say If there is a way Take this cup away from me For I don’t want to taste its reason Feel it burn me, I have changed I’m not as sure As when we started... Read more »