Has Trump Committed Premeditated Mercer?

It  might be that the tonnage of Trump-related scandals has  so far constituted  just the tip of the viceberg. Has anybody thought of investigating the recent investments of Robert Mercer’s hedge fund? After all, what would stop Trump from back-channel  tipping off his major angel the day before he declares another tariff that again drops... Read more »

How Trump Just Jeopardized Israeli Security

In the deluge of censure that followed Trump’s clear betrayal of America and the attendant realization that he is a danger to our security, one other issue slipped out the back door.  Trump’s mention of a new policy with respect to Syria can only mean one thing.  He is going to cave in to Putin... Read more »

The Three Warning Signs of a Dying Marriage

The  following marital stormy-weather advisories go beyond the commonplace borders  of a fraying attachment (such as infidelity and separate vacations), and map out the territories of subtle portent. DON’T FALL BEHIND YOUR SPOUSE’S BEHIND Some while ago, a friend of mine was nearing his Michigan Avenue office,  when he noticed a married couple of   his... Read more »

Trump's Most Stupid Metaphor

When POTUS and his benighted  alt-right apostles confected their anti-D.C. war cry “Drain the Swamp.” it painfully betrayed  the same kind of environmental blindness that steered them to the Pruitt appointment. “Draining the swamp” is the mantra of  unconscionable real estate speculators like–um let’s see, oh yes–POTUS himself. Draining the swamp is exactly how  we’ve... Read more »

Abolish Affirmative Action for Wealthy Whites

The underpinning argument against affirmative action  for African-American students is that college entrance should be based largely on academic excellence alone. No tilt to the playing field, bleat America’s right-wing cultural warriors. If this is a sound argument, it begs another few questions.  Should  a student who hasn’t even grasped the rules of  rudimentary sixth-grade... Read more »

Requiem For a Vanished Art

The names etched  on the comically lopsided tombstones scattered about the small graveyard are mostly illegible,.shrouded as they are  by the long gathering moss of abandonment and neglect. The names belong to the masters of a craft (dare I say Art?)that today has  all but vanished,having been shouldered out of the way by new technologies,... Read more »

How to Out-Patriot Your Fellow Patriots at Soldier Field

Soon after some NFL players began taking a knee during the National Anthem, a horde  of flag-fawning fauna amassed in the Soldier Field stands  to starting taking   extraordinary  countermeasures in the form of star-spangled displays of super patriotism at the blare of the first note. As a consequence of the fevered, preening  rush to flaunt... Read more »

The Post-Sutherland Springs Misguided Guidance

A day after the Sutherland Springs tragedy, the District Attorney strode onto national television beseeching all of us to pray. Which begged more than some questions. Exactly what  was she importuning us to pray for?  Progressives might have pressed their mournful, heavenward fingers together pleading to God for stricter gun-control laws; NRA advocates against Progressives ... Read more »

The World's Most Ignored Crisis

Day after day, it seems that another Trump-engendered set of narratives  barges into the media news cycle,  shouldering out other  events, issues, crises, conflicts, etc. for  quotidian mass attention.  Thus, topics, yearning for  a breath of  media air, are strangled beneath  a pile of rubble comprised of Trumpian lies, sidesteps, blather, collusions, fabrications,prattles, twaddles and... Read more »

Alternate Rumors, Part 4

If there can be alternate facts, why can’t there be alternate rumors? The latest reports from my irresponsibly uninformed sources: It’s been revealed that the  meeting between Donald Trump  Jr. and “a Russian lawyer” was also attended not only by several Russian government operatives, but by the entire woodwind section of the Moscow Symphony Orchestra... Read more »