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How to Get Everyone to Absorb the Full Mueller Report

Even if I were an optimist, I’d be a cockeyed one if I thought that even 5% of America actually perused the Mueller Report. I confess, I didn’t. And, frankly, I’d be astonished if the ratings of Wednesday’s televised Mueller-time  testimony will exceed the testimony of that day’s Judge Judy telecast. Will there be more... Read more »

Bully for Kamala? Or Kamala the Bully?

The following is a slipped-my-mind addendum to my last blog.   I grant that almost every utterance on the debate stage is devoid of spontaneity, but it was way too obvious that Kamala’s  confrontation with Joe Biden  was nakedly, shamelessly elaborately orchestrated in order to raise her  acclaim an octave or two in the collective... Read more »

Why I no longer like Kamala

Before I start, let me disabuse you of  any suspicions you might have jumped to with respect my disenchantment  with Harris. Lest you  wish to see me as racist ranter, let me assure you that I was an enthusiastic supporter of  Barack Obama. I deeply admired his character..  I fully agreed with his views. And, yes, ... Read more »

How to Settle the Internal NRA Dispute

It seems clear that neither Warren Lapierre  nor Ollie North is willing to surrender a single weapon in their monumental struggle for power.  Each tirelessly shoots down the other’s arguments.  So  to finally settle the territorial war , maybe they should try to shoot each other down.  Literally. Hey, there’s historical precedent after all.  Think... Read more »

Why are Republican celebrating?

Is it just me suffering from political amnesia? If I recall, the principal objective of the Mueller investigation was to find out if the Russians had interfered with our elections. Given all the indictments, guilty pleas, etc.  clustered around the findings, the Russian are clearly guilty as charged. You’d think, then, that all of America... Read more »

Socrates on the POTUS Indictment

The question concerning the legality of POTUS indictmentwas being dribbled up and down the court of public opinion long enough for me to be flummoxed by the whole magilla. So, seeking an answer, I summoned the spirit of my old moral mentor, Socrates.  It went pretty well, I thought. Socrates:  You conjured me? Me:  Yes.  It’s... Read more »

Trump's (and Mussolini's) Dumbest Metaphor

When our blinkered president blurted out the battle cry “drain the swamp” and his unctuous devotees of the GOP blindly cheered him on,  the implications of the meaning escaped them the way  tons of  pollutants  regularly escape into our rivers. lakes and streams. What’s more, in using the slogan, Trump joined the dubious company of... Read more »

Has Trump Committed Premeditated Mercer?

It  might be that the tonnage of Trump-related scandals has  so far constituted  just the tip of the viceberg. Has anybody thought of investigating the recent investments of Robert Mercer’s hedge fund? After all, what would stop Trump from back-channel  tipping off his major angel the day before he declares another tariff that again drops... Read more »

How to Out-Patriot Your Fellow Patriots at Soldier Field

Soon after some NFL players began taking a knee during the National Anthem, a horde  of flag-fawning fauna amassed in the Soldier Field stands  to starting taking   extraordinary  countermeasures in the form of star-spangled displays of super patriotism at the blare of the first note. As a consequence of the fevered, preening  rush to flaunt... Read more »

The World's Most Ignored Crisis

Day after day, it seems that another Trump-engendered set of narratives  barges into the media news cycle,  shouldering out other  events, issues, crises, conflicts, etc. for  quotidian mass attention.  Thus, topics, yearning for  a breath of  media air, are strangled beneath  a pile of rubble comprised of Trumpian lies, sidesteps, blather, collusions, fabrications,prattles, twaddles and... Read more »