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Just Askin', Chapter 2

Some stuff has me mired somewhere between stunned and flummoxed.  I wonder; can you help me out here?. .  Why is it that  white men, when conversing  with a black men,  almost invariably  call the black men “man”. Just askin’. . Without Donald, what will late-night TV hosts do for comedy material now.  Just askin’.... Read more »

Just Askin'

The following questions keep haunting me.   I was wondering if you could help me with an answer or two.  For centuries, millions have been hearing  and believing that people  (mostly Catholic females) have been possessed by Lucifer who  has been inducing multitudes of them to  cascade green smoothies from their maws with the force of... Read more »

A Very Personal Salute to "Stars and Stripes"

A recent entry in Donald Trump’s history of serial sundering (tearing the body politic into two hostile divides), plundering (his cavalcade  of  financial malfeasance girds the globe) and blundering (a near quotidian exercise for him) is his  recent  dunderhead blunder of attempting to exterminating yet another American institution, military newspaper Stars and Stripes. In a flash... Read more »

Proposal for a Harris-Trump Showdown

Forget debates. What American TV needs is a showdown between Harris and Trump,  in the following form. A SPELLING BEE Winner’s party takes over the White House, (Shh, don’t tell.  Im sure Trump supporters don’t watch the national spelling bees on PBS. Hence, they are in the dark (as they are pertaining to most everything)... Read more »

"Defund the Police": World's Dumbest Slogan

My beloved Democratic Party should have hired a linguistics professor . Or maybe a semanticist,  Or better yet, a retired ad agency creative director from the era of memory-implanting tag lines.* Instead they brainlessly brainstormed the un-catchy  (and more importantly, misleading) call to action, “Defund the Police”–so incomprehensible it has to be explained away by... Read more »

Charles Barkley: In All Honesty, An Ignoramus

In far too many circles, ex-NBA star Charles Barkley is profoundly revered for his “honesty”.  As a regular contributor to NBA TV  broadcasts, he has a long history of instant,  unabashed expatiation on any topic under discussion, no matter how deep and sluggishly his ignorance runs.  Most of it is harmless enough, I suppose. But ... Read more »

The Tells of Duplicity

It’s certainly no secret anymore that when Donald Trump says “Believe me.” anybody who’s barely sentient does not believe him–just as many of the citizenry knew that when Richard Nixon used to blurt “Let me make one thing perfectly clear”, what followed was a welter of opacity, obfuscation and bullshit. These two examples have inspired... Read more »

The One Word Lyricists Resent Most

Pore over the last century of American pop music lyrics and you can’t dodge one persistently dominant theme,  i.e Love. Mostly romantic love. Certainly, it is the most intensely commanding motif of early-20th-century Tin Pan Alley poets. whose principal assignment was to  forage for new ways of saying “I love you.”  So why has the... Read more »

Beware the Red Flags of Duplicity

Thanks to the likes of Richard Nixon and Donald Trump, many of us are inured, thus alerted to the perniciousness of  the oral alarm bells of deceit.  When Nixon intoned, “Let me make one thing perfectly clear” the pronouncements rushing after were certain to have the clarity of winter slush. When the bleated codas issuing... Read more »

My Number Two Pet Peeve

My number one pet peeve?  That unavoidable destiny of all living things, Death. Number two?   Self-Inflicted Ignorance, the easily avoidable destiny of barely sentient beings. Three recent examples: Three weekends ago, I strolled up to the counter of a Great Clips and, noting that both  stylists were occupied by customers, I asked the nearest... Read more »