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How to Settle the Internal NRA Dispute

It seems clear that neither Warren Lapierre  nor Ollie North is willing to surrender a single weapon in their monumental struggle for power.  Each tirelessly shoots down the other’s arguments.  So  to finally settle the territorial war , maybe they should try to shoot each other down.  Literally. Hey, there’s historical precedent after all.  Think... Read more »

The Unnoticed Connection Between African-Americans and the Deaf

When  I was a lad I served a term at my Uncle Hank’s gas station on Milwaukee and Erie.  It was the mid 20th century and I, at age 16, was snared in the death-row career of pumping gas and patching inner tubes. I was also caught up in the wide-ranging wisdom of Uncle Hank,... Read more »

King vs. Riggs: Why All the Racket?

Recently,  the cultural paleontologists of Hollywood for some curious reason decided to exhume the long buried  skeleton of the infamous Bobby Riggs/Billy Jean King tennis showdown.  The film  they served up was called Battle of the Sexes. And I made it my mission to avoid seeing it–largely because it also dug up a hauntingly annoying... Read more »

The Tells of Duplicity

It’s certainly no secret anymore that when Donald Trump says “Believe me.” anybody who’s barely sentient does not believe him–just as many of the citizenry knew that when Richard Nixon used to blurt “Let me make one thing perfectly clear”, what followed was a welter of opacity, obfuscation and bullshit. These two examples have inspired... Read more »

America's Epidemic of Incompetence

Mostly, it whittles down to a simple equation, : Indifference +Laziness= Incompetence   So pervasive is  America’s persistent  incompetence, it begs to be classified as a bona fide epidemic.  I really thought that in 2008, when job opportunities had suddenly plunged into scarcity, that working stiffs would stiffen their resolve and take aim toward politeness,... Read more »

The One Word Lyricists Resent Most

Pore over the last century of American pop music lyrics and you can’t dodge one persistently dominant theme,  i.e Love. Mostly romantic love. Certainly, it is the most intensely commanding motif of early-20th-century Tin Pan Alley poets. whose principal assignment was to  forage for new ways of saying “I love you.”  So why has the... Read more »

Beware the Red Flags of Duplicity

Thanks to the likes of Richard Nixon and Donald Trump, many of us are inured, thus alerted to the perniciousness of  the oral alarm bells of deceit.  When Nixon intoned, “Let me make one thing perfectly clear” the pronouncements rushing after were certain to have the clarity of winter slush. When the bleated codas issuing... Read more »

The Three Warning Signs of a Dying Marriage

The  following marital stormy-weather advisories go beyond the commonplace borders  of a fraying attachment (such as infidelity and separate vacations), and map out the territories of subtle portent. DON’T FALL BEHIND YOUR SPOUSE’S BEHIND Some while ago, a friend of mine was nearing his Michigan Avenue office,  when he noticed a married couple of   his... Read more »

How to Out-Patriot Your Fellow Patriots at Soldier Field

Soon after some NFL players began taking a knee during the National Anthem, a horde  of flag-fawning fauna amassed in the Soldier Field stands  to starting taking   extraordinary  countermeasures in the form of star-spangled displays of super patriotism at the blare of the first note. As a consequence of the fevered, preening  rush to flaunt... Read more »

The Post-Sutherland Springs Misguided Guidance

A day after the Sutherland Springs tragedy, the District Attorney strode onto national television beseeching all of us to pray. Which begged more than some questions. Exactly what  was she importuning us to pray for?  Progressives might have pressed their mournful, heavenward fingers together pleading to God for stricter gun-control laws; NRA advocates against Progressives ... Read more »