Why I no longer like Kamala

Before I start, let me disabuse you of  any suspicions you might have jumped to with respect my disenchantment  with Harris.

Lest you  wish to see me as racist ranter, let me assure you that I was an enthusiastic supporter of  Barack Obama. I deeply admired his character..  I fully agreed with his views. And, yes,  I  financially contributed--though modestly-- to his victories.

Lest you wish to label this as a misogynistic broadside, let me assert that I am a zealous foot soldier in the Warren war against Trump. She is the smartest, the most informed, the most gifted and articulate speaker of all the Dem contenders.I favor her as our next president. Indeed, I blush to  confess to harboring a little crush on her.

So what's my newborn gripe against Harris the Harrasser?

Never mind the stumbling backtrack of her position regarding busing.

Never mind that she must have known that at the time Biden cast his vote, among African-Americans the fervor for busing was running on near empty.  A measly 9% favored the policy.

Never mind that she was surely cognizant that Biden's seemingly curios embrace of old-time segregationist GOP party hacks was part of a Beat-Trump strategy to nudge  undecided whites off the fence in order to corral their votes.

One can even grant her the strident disagreement with Biden surrounding his by-now fossilized position on busing. (I, myself, am disinclined to do so.)

But I do not forgive her the brazen manner of her disagreement.  Slipping comfortably into her familiar prosecutorial posturing, she pivoted toward Biden and began cross-examining him!

Fact is, if she had pulled that stunt in a tryout for the high-school debating team, she would have been summarily sacked from the roster of contenders.

In a political climate where progressives continually attack Trump for breaking the rules of the constitution, she plunges blindly ahead and breaks the rules of debate. Hence, I question  her grandstanding tactic of direct questioning , a task that should have been relinquished to the likes of Rachel and Chuck.

In a time when the most crucial goal is ousting Trump,  Dem candidates must be heedful of sidestepping  any  disqualifying admonishments of rivals that might capsize the goal.  Kamala has trampled over what should have been that one alignment of unanimity.

And so, from here on in,  I cannot trust the motives of Harris nor ignore the shape of  disingenuousness she has carved.   Those really I mind.









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