Trump's (and Mussolini's) Dumbest Metaphor

When our blinkered president blurted out the battle cry "drain the swamp" and his unctuous devotees of the GOP blindly cheered him on,  the implications of the meaning escaped them the way  tons of  pollutants  regularly escape into our rivers. lakes and streams. What's more, in using the slogan, Trump joined the dubious company of Mussolini, Reagan and others who once chirped the same air.  Not the first time Trump has stolen a catch phrase, is it?

But I digress. So allow me start this disputation with a semantic exercise, viz. the synonym for Swamp is Wetland.  If Trump had suggested the draining of a wetland, the outcry would not have been muffled as it surely was.

Why is the draining of wetlands an environmental atrocity?

  1.  Wetlands are the kidneys of nature, filtering out all manner of pollutants that poison our waterways with countless ill consequences to plants, animals and us.
  2. Wetlands store carbon, thus helping stave off climate change.
  3. Wetlands are nurseries, where young fish and birds can hide from predators, thus to mature and add to wildlife populations.
  4.  Wetlands harbor complete ecosystems, which vanish with the draining of their habitats
  5. Wetlands which empty into  oceans, when drained, can contribute to hypoxia, a oceanic condition that starves the waters of oxygen and creates wide swaths of uninhabitable sea expanse.
  6. Wetland support diversity of species--decimated completely when their habitat is drained.
  7. Wetlands are the homes of endangered species,  who can be rendered extinct when their habitats disappear.

My suggestion for a new battle cry: "Let's drain D.C. of the lame brains."


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