Trump's Most Stupid Metaphor

When POTUS and his benighted  alt-right apostles confected their anti-D.C. war cry "Drain the Swamp." it painfully betrayed  the same kind of environmental blindness that steered them to the Pruitt appointment.

"Draining the swamp" is the mantra of  unconscionable real estate speculators like--um let's see, oh yes--POTUS himself. Draining the swamp is exactly how  we've been demolishing the American wetlands so crucial to the protection of our precious environment.Trump's motto might just well have been Obliterate the Ozone Layer or Immolate the Forest or Decimate the Wildlife.

With Trump leading by example, what has really been drained from D.C. is billions of working brain cells, every drop of scruples and every ounce of real patriotism. Only a pillaged moral wasteland remains.



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