How Trump Just Jeopardized Israeli Security

In the deluge of censure that followed Trump's clear betrayal of America and the attendant realization that he is a danger to our security, one other issue slipped out the back door.  Trump's mention of a new policy with respect to Syria can only mean one thing.  He is going to cave in to Putin by stepping aside  so as to allow Putin to re-install Assad, giving the Syrian murderer unequivocal, full-force power .Which, in turn, means  Assad will be empowering Hezbollah  to once more launch full-force terrorist attacks on Israel.

Now I know that a hefty majority of my fellow Jewish Americans voted against Trump. Yet some,  like the Adelmans of America, lent substantial support--even the financial kind. The only Jewish Trump supporters I know personally are some Orthodox friends  , whose sole voting criterion seemed to have been Israel's survival.

Well, guess what, all you misguided, benighted  Trumpist Jews.  In tacit blessing,  your presumed watchdog hero has effectively flung--like so many rolls of paper towels-- a mammoth ordnance into the eager open arms of  a reckless enemy sworn to  the total obliteration of the Israel you mistakenly believed you were protecting.

This is to say nothing of the impotently provocative move of the American embassy to Jerusalem that didn't just inflame Palestinians to violence, but happened to be the one issue that united all of Islam at a time when American and Israeli interests would be best served by keeping Islamic sects divided.

What to do, you misled Hebrew?  Tell you what.  How about thinking of election day in November as the auxiliary Yom Kippur and atoning for your sins by voting for Democrats?

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