Beware the Red Flags of Duplicity

Thanks to the likes of Richard Nixon and Donald Trump, many of us are inured, thus alerted to the perniciousness of  the oral alarm bells of deceit.  When Nixon intoned, "Let me make one thing perfectly clear" the pronouncements rushing after were certain to have the clarity of winter slush. When the bleated codas issuing after a Trumpian mangled sentence is "Believe me," you know that what is coming is an inimical fabrication that would have made Joseph Goebbels blush deep crimson.

My mission here is to alert you to other catchphrases apt to catch people off guard. And here (insert fanfare) they are:
With all due respect: The person, place or other subject about to be addressed is sure to be subjected to a fusillade of potshots, sometimes posing as faint praise.

To be honest:  If this linguistic swindler feels compelled to enter the exchange with this suspicious verbal gambit, it suggests that his customary vista of comfort is dishonesty.

Trust me:  Plunge your hands into all your pockets of belief when anyone unfurls this buzzword your way; he's aiming to pick them, especially if he's a contractor, insurance salesman or so-called financial advisor.

Don't get me wrong, but---  Stiffen your upper lip; you're in for a badly concealed flagellation concerning  your opinions, disinclinations, friendships,  political preferences, or hair length .    This tired declaration embarkation often foreshadows a racist remark cowering beneath a tattered veil.

Not to correct you, but-- Mostly delivered in the company of others. The object of the correction be corrected you so corrosively, he'll be be plunged in a belligerant gloom of embarrassment for a week.  Which, of course, was the intention of the correction officer.

Yes, but how about:  The afore-noted dialectic sidestep is intended to divert you away from your point, your accusation your contention, your disquisition, etc.  It  usually arrives drooling as a teetering defense of someone who has committed a malfeasance of one sort of another. Its malformed logic goes something like this.  "You say you have proof that my favorite political figure blissfully watched two hookers pee on a Moscow hotel-room bed?  Yes, but how about  Jeffrey Daumer? He murdered dozens of people."  Your counter move? A derisive titter and a resumption of your attack without the slightest reference to his crippled excuse of a repudiation.

Just between you and me: This translates into the high probability that he has already dumped this parcel of gossip on at least a dozen other bamboozled "confidants"  Promise yourself you'll never ever ever confide anything--no matter how trivial--to this whispering  blabbermouth.

Truth be told:  Chances are this guy be telling some big-time bullshit.

Let me ask you a question, though:  Like most questions, this utterance will surely be an opinion masquerading as a question--one bent on rebutting your opinion.

Look, I have no dog in the fight: This mountebant doubtlessly has a dog in the fight and it's a rabid psychopathic pit bull he's placed a mammoth bet on,

And as for me, I never engage in ploys of deception of any sort. Swear to god.

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