What to rename Douglas Park.

There’s no debate! Nobody should have named anything after Steven Douglas. Let’s start the wrecking crew working by renaming Douglas Park to…what else but Douglass Park, after Frederick Douglass. Note to D. Trump:  The late Frederick Douglas

Today's Student's Worst Psychological Damage

We’ve all  heard the arguments for opening up the schools next semester.   Many who advocate for opening maintain that another year of isolation would engender irreparable emotional damage to children, to say nothing of irredeemably stunting intellectual growth. Time for  a hypothesis: I’m going to ask you to imagine two, say, eight- year-olds living today... Read more »

A Plan to Make November Polling Locations Safer

It’s hardly a secret that Mad King Trump and his cabal of devious dirty tricksters, demonic foul players and  devisers of dirty pools are busy concocting schemes to choke off the collective will of Black and Hispanic voters. Their chief strategy:  The antisocial distancing of polling locations calculated to stifle this cohort of voters from... Read more »

Donald Trump Saving Black Lives

Here’s how I have it figured: The moment D. Trump heard (remember, he doesn’t read) that African Americans and us elders suffered a disproportionate share of Covid 19 eradication, his demonic calculus got kick-started.  The math informed him  that by his encouraging Americans (by personal example,  strong suggestion and premature business openings) to  scuttle the... Read more »

Why Veterans Want to Keep the Postal Service Alive

Recently a “Voice of the People” submission of mine was published on the Op Ed page.  Here is the content.   The reasons to keep the U.S. Postal Service alive and well are widely–and wisely– documented. But one reason hasn’t been granted nearly enough voice. It  has to do with Donald Trump’s indifference to American military... Read more »

The Historical Figure Trump Most Resembles

History is bound to note the following disquieting parallels between  two infamous leaders. Consider: .  Both boasted cult-like followings populated by lost, benighted, spellbound acolytes* who bought into and repeatedly parroted  the tilted, disjointed  ravings of their demagogic demigods. *If you’ll permit me  the indulgence of a neologism, I’ve  tagged them as “echolytes.” .  Though... Read more »

Toxic Business Partners, Part One

“Over the course of my decades years as an ad agency creative director, I directed quite a bit of attention toward Networking.  Thus I’ve been privy to more than a few atrocity stories about business partners in ad agencies, PR agencies, production firms and various client businesses I’ve serviced.  Now that I’m marinating  deeply into... Read more »

The Corpse of "Cops": Autopsy of a TV Series

Years ago in a Harper’s* essay, a former film editor on the TV show, “Cops”,  admitted that, by agreement, the police had  imposed complete censorship privileges  over the show’s contents.  In the piece, the editor confessed that she was ordered to toss on the editing room floor–like so much used toilet paper– damaging footage depicting... Read more »

A Protest Against the ProtestersI

In glimpsing the Michigan and Ohio protesters on yesterday’s cable news, I failed to notice one head of dry gray hair,  one stooped posture, one wrinkly face; in short, not one old fart like me. What I did see was two naked enactments of unenlightened self-interest in the form of placard-wielding Trumpists not yet eligible... Read more »

Is Trump Declaring War on Military Veterans?

To even suggest the extermination of the USPS is criminal.  Especially when the threat issues from the lips of a criminal–Donald Trump. Aside from we oldsters who use the mail to pay bills and receive documents (so many of us either don’t have computers, don’t navigate the internet well or just plain don’t trust exposing... Read more »