The Post-Sutherland Springs Misguided Guidance

A day after the Sutherland Springs tragedy, the District Attorney strode onto national television beseeching all of us to pray. Which begged more than some questions. Exactly what  was she importuning us to pray for?  Progressives might have pressed their mournful, heavenward fingers together pleading to God for stricter gun-control laws; NRA advocates against Progressives ... Read more »

The World's Most Ignored Crisis

Day after day, it seems that another Trump-engendered set of narratives  barges into the media news cycle,  shouldering out other  events, issues, crises, conflicts, etc. for  quotidian mass attention.  Thus, topics, yearning for  a breath of  media air, are strangled beneath  a pile of rubble comprised of Trumpian lies, sidesteps, blather, collusions, fabrications,prattles, twaddles and... Read more »

Alternate Rumors, Part 4

If there can be alternate facts, why can’t there be alternate rumors? The latest reports from my irresponsibly uninformed sources: It’s been revealed that the  meeting between Donald Trump  Jr. and “a Russian lawyer” was also attended not only by several Russian government operatives, but by the entire woodwind section of the Moscow Symphony Orchestra... Read more »

Alternate Rumors Part 3

If there can be such a thing as alternate facts why can’t there be alternate rumors?   The latest from my unnamed, irresponsible uninformed sources:   .  After Steve Bannon accounted for Sean Spicer’s apparent demotion (an augury of a forthcoming dismissal?), several White House staffers have been noticed developing pot bellies.  One anonymous staffer... Read more »

Alternative Rumors, Part Two

If there’s such a thing as alternative facts, why can’t there be such a thing as alternative rumors?   Here’s the latest from my uninformed, unreliable, unnamed sources who got these rumors from an even lower level of uninformed, unreliable, unnamed sources:   .  Donald Trump is planning on issuing an  executive order calling for... Read more »

Alternative Rumors, Part One

Actually, this monograph is my mother’s* idea.  The most vicious chronic gossip on the fifth floor of her retirement-home , she posed the following   postulate to me, ” If the alternative fact is a thing, why can’t the alternative rumor be a thing? I compulsively make up rumors anyway.  Can’t help myself.  If I... Read more »

The Cultural Takeover of the Fractionally Informed

Somehow America has managed to hybridize two old chestnuts, one palatable, the other indigestible to the palate of rationality.  The two, in order: “Everybody is entitled to their (sic) opinion.”  “One opinion is as good as another. Though the two don’t come close to conflation, in today’s America the hybrid is  not only  thriving, but... Read more »

My Number Two Pet Peeve

My number one pet peeve?  That unavoidable destiny of all living things, Death. Number two?   Self-Inflicted Ignorance, the easily avoidable destiny of barely sentient beings. Three recent examples: Three weekends ago, I strolled up to the counter of a Great Clips and, noting that both  stylists were occupied by customers, I asked the nearest... Read more »

Gene Siskel's Most Treasured Secret Possession

This is part two–the second memory– of the blog-set inspired by last night’s CBS special paying tribute to the BeeGees.   Technically, as Chicago Tribune’s Entertainment Editor, my then wife Carolyn, was for years his boss; technically, that is, since nobody at the Tribune was the de facto boss of the newspaper’s most powerfully famous... Read more »

The World's Most Unlikely Babysitter

When last night’s scan of the TV menu turned up the CBS’ tribute to the BeeGees, my hippocampus kicked into overtime to conjure up two vignettes from my back story. I’ve decided to splice them into two blogs. Here’s the first:   As the Creative Director/Producer of the Chicago Tribune’s ad agency, I was charged... Read more »