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Rod Blagojevich Just Wanted to Hunt Bin Laden

In the off chance you were looking for an explanation as to why Rod Blagojevich orchestrated a months-long expedition to determine the cost of appointing himself to Barack Obama’s Senate seat, well, it’s only because he wanted to serve his country by traveling to Afghanistan and hunting down Osama bin Laden. Rod Blagojevich tells jurors... Read more »

Rod Blagojevich Chats With Perez Hilton

I’ve missed him, honestly. This is about as serious as I can see Rod Blagojevich ever getting, and it’s fascinating to me that he treats an interview with a man who’s primary pastime is drawing cartoon penises on people’s faces with Microsoft Paint, like he were one of Barbara Walters Person of the Year specials.... Read more »

Blagojevich Wants To Sell You Pistachios

Submitted without comment.  In some ways, I think this is the best campaign commercial Bill Brady could hope for.

Rod Blagojevich In Real Trouble This Time

First, his lawyers dropped out because hell if they were going to get paid the salary of a lowly public defender. Then, that whole Jesse Jackson Jr. thing reared it’s ugly head. Now, his best old-buddy, old-pal Tony Rezko, fresh off a Friday guilty plea on a new fraud charge says he’d be more than... Read more »

Alexi Giannoulias Has a Bad Hair Day

Both President Obama and his wife Michelle will be in town this week to campaign for Alexi Giannoulias, he on the 7th, she on the 13th. Obviously, the Giannoulias campaign is desperate for cash because, with Obama’s approval ratings sagging, Democrats across the country are regularly shunning his advances. Alexi, who is running neck and... Read more »

Jesse Jackson, Jr. May Have Lied To Feds, Bagged Swimsuit Model

This isn’t going to help a certain person’s campaign for mayor. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. directed a major political fund-raiser to offer former Gov. Rod Blagojevich millions of dollars in campaign cash in return for an appointment to the U.S. Senate, sources said the fund-raiser has told federal authorities… The allegation by Oak Brook businessman... Read more »

Don't Call Him Rod. Call Him "B-Rod."

You had to know there was more interesting stuff than that life-sized Elvis in the Blagojevich storage locker in Arlington Heights. I mean, the man left a desk full of hairbrushes when he vacated the Capitol, there was no way boxes full of documents left in a storage locker untouched from the last decade weren’t... Read more »

You May Pay Blagojevich's Legal Bills

You May Pay Blagojevich's Legal Bills
I bet that you’ve always wanted to fund the trial of a corrupt bureaucrat, haven’t you? It’s like a dream, forking over your hard earned tax dollars to the state of Illinois knowing that they’re going to fund police officers, teachers, street cleaning and Rod Blagojevich’s half-assed defense. As juror contemplate the fate of former... Read more »

Rod Blagojevich Spent $400K On Clothes For Your Own Good

What would Rod Blagojevich hunt from the air? There aren’t a lot of wolves around here to occupy any sportsman’s time so it’d have to be people, right? And he’d of course deny that these expeditions were a new way to taint the jury pool. Anywhoo…if you’re wondering where the connection comes from, you can... Read more »

Blagojevich's Elvis Could Be Yours

So Blago brought his kids to court this morning because, you know, that’s the kind of thing children should be exposed to: being used as pawns in a legal strategy. Yes, they’re not being dragged through casinos at 3am (not that I didn’t see enough of that over the weekend in Vegas), but at some... Read more »