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Dems Fail to Compromise, Screw Themselves Into Compromise

Last week, Democrats in the House saved a few precious weeks of talking points by voting to extend the Bush tax cuts…but only to “middle class” Americans and not to evil rich people. Sensing that they were getting dangerously close to maintaining their backbone in the face of adversity and revealing their true ideological beliefs,... Read more »

He's In the Majority, He Can Cry if He Wants To

You just probably cost your party major losses in the midterm election and narrowly won re-election to the majority leader position against the wailing protestations of effective Democrats everywhere. What mature activity is next for you? Well, if you’re Nancy Pelosi, the next step is calling the man who’s about to take your gavel a... Read more »

Nancy Pelosi And The Congressional Underpants Gnomes

Damn, I love this picture. Pay attention because I’m about to give you a lesson in how to turn temporary setbacks in to permanent political losses. You may not want this lesson, but I don’t care, because it explains why a political junkie like is practically wetting herself with joy at the thought that, despite... Read more »

The Republican Wave Is All Rahm Emanuel's Fault?

Ah, I missed writing about Rahm Emanuel. Thank God I have the next three months of mayoral election to look forward to. Heh. Down to business. Okay, let’s face it: last Tuesday sucked ass for the Democrats. Whether it was a referendum on the President’s “agenda” or not, everyone is searching for someone to blame.... Read more »

It's Morning In America, Bitches.

Or afternoon. Whatever. I don’t even care. Actually, I sort of do, but I am as hungover as you can possibly be without consuming any alcohol. I even sound like Judy Baar Topinka. Go figure. Personally, I’m still digesting what happened last night, and what continues to happen in the hallowed halls of Brady HQ.... Read more »

Steny Hoyer Does The Electric Slide

Would I lie about something like this? No. Well, maybe, if I wanted to Rick Roll you, but the video is posted below. This could only get better if Nancy Pelosi were somehow involved. Sadly, no. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be opportunities in the future.

Repeal Health Care? Errr...Probably Not.

In case you were wondering, Barbara Streisand has a column at Huffington Post. This week, she used it to complain that Republicans did what Republicans are want to do when they are the minority party and that is…be an annoyingly stalwart opposition to the President’s agenda. She goes on for about a thousand words, blissfully... Read more »