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It's Morning In America, Bitches.

Or afternoon. Whatever. I don’t even care. Actually, I sort of do, but I am as hungover as you can possibly be without consuming any alcohol. I even sound like Judy Baar Topinka. Go figure. Personally, I’m still digesting what happened last night, and what continues to happen in the hallowed halls of Brady HQ.... Read more »

Obama In Chicago To Compete With Sanity Rally?

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will be hosting the million-moderate march on Washington in an effort to put an end to the insanity that has gripped our political process since candidates realized that elected leadership was a slightly more acceptable profession than prostitution. It’s an admirable goal, and since some of us weren’t successful in... Read more »

Send Me To Stewarts Rally to Restore Sanity 2010!

Look, I’ve served my time bringing you the news you don’t want to hear. I’ve filled you in. And you know what, Illinois, I’m taking a bullet for you. This Saturday while you’re enjoying your fall weather and your barbecue cookouts and your free concerts and binge drinking, I’ll be at the Sears Center Arena,... Read more »

Seriously, You Don't Want Them to Seize BP. Seriously.

Apparently, there is some interest in protesting the government, encouraging it to seize and nationalize BP over the disaster it created in the Gulf of Mexico. This brilliant idea, of course, originated with known political strategist Rosie O’Donnell and quickly caught fire among those whose life is spent inside an Intelligentsia Coffee pretending their enjoying... Read more »