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Bill Daley Gets White House Job, America Returns to 1994

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Looks like the weird Daley-Emanuel-Daley relationship is about to get a little bit weirder as Bill Daley officially takes over for Rahm Emanuel who left because he officially wants to take over for his brother. It’s the Chicago way with just a teensy little touch of that good ol’... Read more »

Is a Daley Headed to the White House?

With Rahm Emanuel gone, there’s obviously a vacuum of Chicago-related power in the West Wing. That might explain why rumor has it that Obama is about to pluck Bill Daley (Rich Daley’s bro) from his cushy home downtown at JP Morgan Chase & Co. and put him squarely in the hallowed halls once again. President... Read more »

Davis Drops Out, Braun Drops In

Let’s recap the last week, shall we? Neil Steinberg writes a scathing column about Carol Moseley Braun that sends her through the roof. Rep. Danny Davis revoked Bill Clinton’s street cred. Braun then responded by calling Steinberg a drunken wife-beating racist on the morning news. Steinberg acknowledged possibly being a drunk but not a wife... Read more »

Oh, Danny Davis.

So you can tell a lot about a candidate for office from the website they launch. Rahm Emanuel, for example, running a national campaign with most of President Obama’s advisers at the helm just knocked off MyBarackObama.com right down to the font. Gery Chico had a website from Geocities circa 1997 until he became a... Read more »

Census Totally Screws Dems, Not Just In Illinois

Like a number of “blue” states, it appears people are fleeing Illinois like it was on fire and heading to states with questionable school board decisions, warmer climates and compelling roadside tourist attractions. As a result, Illinois stands to lose one House seat to the Bible belt; we’ll be divided into 18 House districts instead... Read more »

Is The RNC Raising Money Off Rahm?

I got a whiny email this morning from the Emanuel campaign claiming that the national GOP was out to get Rahm and was running “negative ads” asking for money to help defeat him in the Chicago mayors race, like Rahm is some sort of victim in a race he clearly leads: We expected that some... Read more »

Rahm's Renter Rob Halpin Has 99 Problems.

What’s that saying about not f**king with the bull because you’re just going to get the horns? Rob Halpin and company are finding out the hard way what happens when you pick a fight with Rahm Emanuel. They hit back and they take James Meeks with you. Election records indicate a man who helped collect... Read more »

IL House Debating Medical Marijuana

UPDATE: They were several votes short. This will be pulled until early January, likely. **** Apparently, we’re packing everything into one big, freaking day: civil unions, abolishing the death penalty and medical marijuana, which they’re debating on the House floor right now. Illinois lawmakers are debating whether to legalize the use of marijuana for medical... Read more »

Happy F**king Birthday, Rahm Emanuel!

Have a f**king cupcake. You deserve it. Perhaps someone could get him an election lawyer?

Melissa Bean Says The Long Goodbye

This only took for-f***ing-ever. Republican Joe Walsh beat Rep. Melissa Bean (D-Ill.) in the photo-finish contest in Illinois eighth congressional district–the vote counting was completed on Tuesday. Bean holds a press conference Wednesday in Schaumburg to discuss the race and Walsh has one in Washington at the Republican National Committee headquarters. If I were Melissa... Read more »