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Terrifying Hillary 2012 Ad Hits Chicago Airwaves

Apparently there’s a dentist here in Chicago who is unnaturally dedicated to Hillary Clinton’s reputation management, otherwise you’d have thought she was starring in a spinoff of Tron. I have to give this man credit, both for sticking to his guns and for making Hillary Clinton’s photo more terrifying than it is in print by... Read more »

Chelsea Clinton Is Richer Than You

Her mother might be selling DVDs to help pay off her campaign debt, but that’s not stopping Chelsea Clinton from spending a mint on her dream wedding in New York. Behold, the entirely estimated (by people “in the know”) Clinton wedding budget (click the link if you want a detailed explanation of each itemized expenditure):... Read more »

Hillary Tries To Save Herself With DVD Sales

I was under the impression that, when Hillary conceded, she got the expected treatment: Obama or the DNC would somehow magically replace all of that money she spent embarrassing herself making commercials with Celine Dion songs. As it turns out, she’s taken to selling $35 DVD “Greatest Moments” compilations from 2008 to try to put... Read more »

Democrats Come for Your ATM Fees

I feel like any time a member of the Clinton Administration has shown up lately, sh*t goes down, and Lanny Davis’ Op-Ed in the Hill is no exception. Apparently, it is no longer enough that your bank charges you ATM fees and a penalty every time you use the sketchy ATM in a bar when... Read more »

Is Bill Clinton Dating...Martha Stewart?

It’s creepy. Ohhhh, its creeeeeepy. And probably not truuuue. But, whoa. You have to hand it to him: Bill Clinton, according to gossip rags, may be bagging the only woman who could take Hillary in a catfight and having a decent chance of emerging the victor. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has launched a cold... Read more »