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Bill Brady Will Call It Quits at 1:30

There comes a time for everything to end: acid washed jeans, Friday Night Lights, hard-fought gubernatorial campaigns. As it turns out, after some soul-searching, a few phone calls and a go-ahead from the Republican Governor’s Association which pumped nearly $8 million into what ended up being a hotly contested race, Bill Brady will admit defeat... Read more »

You'll Pry This Governorship From Bill Brady's Cold, Creepy Hands

All of the precincts are now counted and Pat Quinn leads Bill Brady by something like 20,000 votes, a nearly impossible margin to overcome even if we throw this mutha into recounts until Christmas. Even though I can understand the reticence to admit defeat with provisional and absentee ballots yet to be counted, over the... Read more »

It's Morning In America, Bitches.

Or afternoon. Whatever. I don’t even care. Actually, I sort of do, but I am as hungover as you can possibly be without consuming any alcohol. I even sound like Judy Baar Topinka. Go figure. Personally, I’m still digesting what happened last night, and what continues to happen in the hallowed halls of Brady HQ.... Read more »

Santa Quinn's Bizarre Job Tour

I haven’t written a bad word about Bill Brady being stupid in a f**king week. Since he and Quinn are, theoretically, separated by only one percentage point (which I highly doubt since Quinn’s cross sections show he’s squishy with minority voters, running even with women and slightly behind with suburban Chicagoans), you’d think Quinn’d be... Read more »

Rickey Hendon Ruins Pat Quinn's Party

I could say that this isn’t Pat Quinn’s fault, but here’s the thing: one, he or someone he knew invited Rickey Hendon who has no filter between his brain and his mouth – in fact, he’s famous for it – and two, if he really thought his original campaign strategy – painting Bill Brady as... Read more »

Scott Lee Cohen's Job Fairs Shockingly Not Very Job Heavy

I was sort of wondering about this myself considering that I’d been to a few “Chicago job fairs” and never quite found anyone actually willing to hire me, blog notwithstanding. In fact, I’d never found anyone offering an actual job. So imagine my surprise when people on the radio were vomiting all over themselves about... Read more »

Yeah, About Brady And Those Gay Marriages

Yeah, so about that thing that Bill Brady told the Daily Herald about how he would totally uphold a civil union if the legislature approved it under his watchful eye? Notsomuch. Via CapitolFax: Governor candidate Bill Brady says he stands by his 2004 vote against protecting gay people from job and housing discrimination. Brady also... Read more »

Bill Brady Finally Says Something Sensible?

I feel like at this point, it’s such a rarity that you almost have to acknowledge the man’s steps in the right direction. When asked whether Bill Brady would turn the state of Illinois into a soul-crushing Theocracy hell bent on controlling it’s citizens’ lives, the answer is, apparently, no. Republican candidate for governor Bill... Read more »

Quinn Says Civil Unions Coming to Illinois?

First Bill Brady panders to the Jesus vote, and now Pat Quinn is casually trying to dig up support on the other end. Apparently, we’re just a stone’s throw away from civil unions in Illinois? The Governor of Illinois says he believes civil unions for gay couples will be reality in the Land of Lincoln... Read more »

Bill Brady OK With Teaching Creationism?

Look, I can’t say for sure that he wants to lose this election, but I’m pretty sure Bill Brady isn’t focused on winning at this point. If winning were his strategy, he wouldn’t have gone out of his way to vomit this up into the public discourse. GOP gubernatorial hopeful Bill Brady said Tuesday he... Read more »