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Census Totally Screws Dems, Not Just In Illinois

Like a number of “blue” states, it appears people are fleeing Illinois like it was on fire and heading to states with questionable school board decisions, warmer climates and compelling roadside tourist attractions. As a result, Illinois stands to lose one House seat to the Bible belt; we’ll be divided into 18 House districts instead... Read more »

He's In the Majority, He Can Cry if He Wants To

You just probably cost your party major losses in the midterm election and narrowly won re-election to the majority leader position against the wailing protestations of effective Democrats everywhere. What mature activity is next for you? Well, if you’re Nancy Pelosi, the next step is calling the man who’s about to take your gavel a... Read more »

Melissa Bean Says The Long Goodbye

This only took for-f***ing-ever. Republican Joe Walsh beat Rep. Melissa Bean (D-Ill.) in the photo-finish contest in Illinois eighth congressional district–the vote counting was completed on Tuesday. Bean holds a press conference Wednesday in Schaumburg to discuss the race and Walsh has one in Washington at the Republican National Committee headquarters. If I were Melissa... Read more »

The Republican Wave Is All Rahm Emanuel's Fault?

Ah, I missed writing about Rahm Emanuel. Thank God I have the next three months of mayoral election to look forward to. Heh. Down to business. Okay, let’s face it: last Tuesday sucked ass for the Democrats. Whether it was a referendum on the President’s “agenda” or not, everyone is searching for someone to blame.... Read more »

It's HERE.

Okay, so what do you need to know for today? Other than that THIS IS MY SUPERBOWL? Well, first of all, you need to know that I have a day job which will prevent me from hanging around all day providing you with important information….at least not in this format. For up to the minute... Read more »

24 Hours Until The Polls Close And Other Stories

All of the candidates are busy puddle-jumping across the state of Illinois, hoping to win your vote between in-flight meals. Bill Brady and Pat Quinn are desperate to show you they happen to be different. Everyone else is hoping you’re too drunk to notice you voted for them. At this point, they and I have... Read more »

Headed Into The Home Stretch: A Roundup With Charts!

I’ve missed a lot of stuff this weekend while I’ve been trying to convince the greater Chicagoland area that yes, indeed, I closely resemble Tina Fey and yes, I would like people to buy me drinks as a reward. It started out as Snooki, but I couldn’t bring myself to admit that I actually own... Read more »

Rickey Hendon Ruins Pat Quinn's Party

I could say that this isn’t Pat Quinn’s fault, but here’s the thing: one, he or someone he knew invited Rickey Hendon who has no filter between his brain and his mouth – in fact, he’s famous for it – and two, if he really thought his original campaign strategy – painting Bill Brady as... Read more »

Bill Brady Finally Says Something Sensible?

I feel like at this point, it’s such a rarity that you almost have to acknowledge the man’s steps in the right direction. When asked whether Bill Brady would turn the state of Illinois into a soul-crushing Theocracy hell bent on controlling it’s citizens’ lives, the answer is, apparently, no. Republican candidate for governor Bill... Read more »

In 2010, Do It For the Bieber.

If your political opinion is markedly swayed by a Twitter from Justin Bieber, not only do I believe that you should not be allowed to vote like, ever, but I daresay I believe you should be shipped to a containment camp somewhere in the desert of New Mexico and force-fed NPR and Ken Burns documentaries... Read more »