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Carol Moseley Braun Launches First...Um...Something

Here I was, all ready to commend Carol Moseley Braun for a somewhat more logical take on Clinton’s side trip to Chicago to stump for Rahm Emanuel (he’s an outsider campaigning for an outsider), given the circumstances and competition. I was even going to ignore this little nugget from Fox Chicago where she classily referred... Read more »

WTF! Rahm Running on a Platform of Tax Cuts and Competition?

As the man himself would say, holy f***ing shit. Rahm Emanuel – the man who brought the Obama Administration to power, who championed the most egregious governmental spending bill in history and helped Congress rack up record deficits – is running for mayor of Chicago on a pledge to save money and stimulate economic growth... Read more »

Pat Quinn Says You Totes Voted for Taxes

Any time you hear a politician say they received a “mandate,” just assume that what they’re talking about is complete bullshit. Whether it’s an unnecessary war, a gimmicky, bloated spending bill or Pat Quinn’s 2012 fiscal year budget plan, it always makes a tough sell that much easier when they convince themselves you want it... Read more »

It's Morning In America, Bitches.

Or afternoon. Whatever. I don’t even care. Actually, I sort of do, but I am as hungover as you can possibly be without consuming any alcohol. I even sound like Judy Baar Topinka. Go figure. Personally, I’m still digesting what happened last night, and what continues to happen in the hallowed halls of Brady HQ.... Read more »

Scott Lee Cohen's Job Fairs Shockingly Not Very Job Heavy

I was sort of wondering about this myself considering that I’d been to a few “Chicago job fairs” and never quite found anyone actually willing to hire me, blog notwithstanding. In fact, I’d never found anyone offering an actual job. So imagine my surprise when people on the radio were vomiting all over themselves about... Read more »

Quinn Says Civil Unions Coming to Illinois?

First Bill Brady panders to the Jesus vote, and now Pat Quinn is casually trying to dig up support on the other end. Apparently, we’re just a stone’s throw away from civil unions in Illinois? The Governor of Illinois says he believes civil unions for gay couples will be reality in the Land of Lincoln... Read more »

Bill Brady OK With Teaching Creationism?

Look, I can’t say for sure that he wants to lose this election, but I’m pretty sure Bill Brady isn’t focused on winning at this point. If winning were his strategy, he wouldn’t have gone out of his way to vomit this up into the public discourse. GOP gubernatorial hopeful Bill Brady said Tuesday he... Read more »