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Chicago Rapper Lupe Fiasco Somehow Tops L.A.S.E.R.S.

I’m a fairly big fan of Lupe Fiasco. I think his albums are slick, I think his lyrics are, for the most part, sharp and smart, I like that he’s an equal opportunity attacker when it comes to politics, and I think that he channels his anger into his art more effectively than most. I... Read more »

Rahm Emanuel Could Save Us From Snooki

Rahm Emanuel has a tax plan. More specficially, Rahm Emanuel appears to have a fever, and the only prescription is more revenue in the form of what I’d like to call a “douchebag tax.” Chicago mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel wants to raise some taxes–oops, close some loopholes–on some luxury services such as pet grooming, tanning salons, and limousine... Read more »

Bill Daley Gets White House Job, America Returns to 1994

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Looks like the weird Daley-Emanuel-Daley relationship is about to get a little bit weirder as Bill Daley officially takes over for Rahm Emanuel who left because he officially wants to take over for his brother. It’s the Chicago way with just a teensy little touch of that good ol’... Read more »

Rahm Emanuel Spends More On Ads Than You Make In A Year

I’m not entirely sure what the reception is out there toward Rahm Emanuel supporters. I haven’t met one willing to talk about it over Stoli slushies, for example, but I’d be willing to bet that you’d be talking your structural integrity in your hands if you decide to drop $17 on one of the new... Read more »

Is a Daley Headed to the White House?

With Rahm Emanuel gone, there’s obviously a vacuum of Chicago-related power in the West Wing. That might explain why rumor has it that Obama is about to pluck Bill Daley (Rich Daley’s bro) from his cushy home downtown at JP Morgan Chase & Co. and put him squarely in the hallowed halls once again. President... Read more »

Davis Drops Out, Braun Drops In

Let’s recap the last week, shall we? Neil Steinberg writes a scathing column about Carol Moseley Braun that sends her through the roof. Rep. Danny Davis revoked Bill Clinton’s street cred. Braun then responded by calling Steinberg a drunken wife-beating racist on the morning news. Steinberg acknowledged possibly being a drunk but not a wife... Read more »

Oh, Danny Davis.

So you can tell a lot about a candidate for office from the website they launch. Rahm Emanuel, for example, running a national campaign with most of President Obama’s advisers at the helm just knocked off MyBarackObama.com right down to the font. Gery Chico had a website from Geocities circa 1997 until he became a... Read more »

Need a Job? Narc on Parking Meter Sketches!

Need extra cash for the holidays? Turns out you can make $8.50 an hour selling out fellow Chicagoans who’ve overstayed their welcome at the city’s parking meters. SERCO, the company that supplements Chicago’s parking ticket enforcement by supplying the city with a non-union force of parking ticket writers is hiring. From the Parking Ticket Geek:... Read more »

Need A Job? Get Related to Joe Berrios.

If there’s anything Joe Berrios is famous for other than that f**king fantastic salt-and-pepper mustache, it’s hiring half of his gigantic family to staff his offices, stuffing the public payroll with every second cousin and old neighbor he could dust off. I guess you can’t accuse him of breaking with tradition. Criticized repeatedly for stacking... Read more »

Is Rahm Emanuel The New Bill Brady?

There have been three candidate forums this week for the mayoral hopefuls and while James Meeks’ eyebrows have attended every single one (or plan to), Rahm Emanuel has been noticeably absent. Something’s missing from Chicago’s mayoral candidate forums: Rahm Emanuel. On at least three nights next week — Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday — just about... Read more »