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John Boehner Probably Hates What You're Wearing

So it turns out that Republican leader John Boehner is surprisingly opinionated on other people’s outfits, considering that he looks like an orange Creamsicle. Dare to not brush your hair? Or thinking about making a bold fashion statement on the Hill? Watch out for Speaker-elect John Boehner, who might want you to reconsider. Call him... Read more »

Two Coalition Candidates Named Dan?

After much deliberation – and a slate of such terrible candidates that they actually had to stop the process to bring in two they’d already rejected – a coalition of African-American community leaders has united behind Rep. Danny Davis. After two months of closed-door meetings, a coalition of African-American leaders announced Saturday that it has... Read more »

Sarah Palin Is Exactly Like Your Mom

There’s been much consternation over whether Sarah Palin was booed during her appearance on Dancing With the Stars last night. I can’t officially tell you one way or another whether the audience’s vocal displeasure was directed at the Mama Grizzly, the judges’ cruel, cruel scoring of Jennifer Grey’s remarkable comeback, or Brook Burke’s ridiculous clear... Read more »

Alexi Giannoulias Has a Bad Hair Day

Both President Obama and his wife Michelle will be in town this week to campaign for Alexi Giannoulias, he on the 7th, she on the 13th. Obviously, the Giannoulias campaign is desperate for cash because, with Obama’s approval ratings sagging, Democrats across the country are regularly shunning his advances. Alexi, who is running neck and... Read more »

Tragedy: Obama Has Lost Joey Lawrence

Obviously, we’re all waiting to hear what Blossom thinks. And why Fox News thinks this requires a headline. Actor Joey Lawrence would simply like to see Obama live up to his campaign of “hope” and take a little more responsibility for all the issues, good and bad, a th the top of the country’s national... Read more »

Bristol Palin to Dance With the Stars

You know, I always love a happy ending. Bristol Pain may have ended up single with her boyfriend and baby-daddy somewhere in LA apologizing for apologizing to her mother and faking an engagement and reconciliation while scoring some sort of reality television program, but she’s not staying down. Nope. She’s back in the saddle with... Read more »

Bristol and Levi Call It Quits But Is It Over?

As if no one saw this coming: Levi Johnston is such a publicity whore that he lured Bristol Palin into a romance rekindle in order to get his name back into the papers, then revealed that he may have knocked up some other chick and had every intention of moving to Los Angeles to begin... Read more »

Chelsea Clinton Is Richer Than You

Her mother might be selling DVDs to help pay off her campaign debt, but that’s not stopping Chelsea Clinton from spending a mint on her dream wedding in New York. Behold, the entirely estimated (by people “in the know”) Clinton wedding budget (click the link if you want a detailed explanation of each itemized expenditure):... Read more »

Sean Penn Does Not Live In Haiti

I am not exactly Sean Penn’s biggest fan. I like his acting but I’m not all over the whole “I’ll just chill with dictators in my spare time and talk about how awesomely awesome they are, and then head home to my cushy LA suburb, where I won’t get arrested or beheaded for being a... Read more »

Ashton Kutcher Saves New Orleans With His Tears

I have limited experience with Ashton Kutcher. By limited, I mean, I know he started that ridiculous trend where people wore those plastic trucker hats that old people keep in the back window of their 86 Oldsmobile Cutlass Sierras (REPRESENT, muthas, that was my first car), and I know that I once saw Robert Bork... Read more »