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Chicago Rapper Lupe Fiasco Somehow Tops L.A.S.E.R.S.

I’m a fairly big fan of Lupe Fiasco. I think his albums are slick, I think his lyrics are, for the most part, sharp and smart, I like that he’s an equal opportunity attacker when it comes to politics, and I think that he channels his anger into his art more effectively than most. I... Read more »

Ten Reasons Barack Obama's Day Was Worse Than Yours

Ten Reasons Barack Obama's Day Was Worse Than Yours
Being President has it’s benefits. Free breakfasts, cheap cell phone service, helicopter rides. Most days, I imagine, when the Muslim population of the Middle East isn’t attempting to nuke itself into a plate of green glass, the economy shows signs of temporary recovery and there are Freedom Fries on the cafeteria menu, it actually seems... Read more »

Bring Your Popcorn: Bachmann's In For A Debate

Remember that moment in the movie Scanners right before the dude’s head explodes, where he totally knows he’s about to die but he’s kind of enjoying it? I’m practicing that face for next week’s Republican Primary Debates in New Hampshire because, as of today, Michele Bachmann, who is not running for President but is running... Read more »

Rod Blagojevich Just Wanted to Hunt Bin Laden

In the off chance you were looking for an explanation as to why Rod Blagojevich orchestrated a months-long expedition to determine the cost of appointing himself to Barack Obama’s Senate seat, well, it’s only because he wanted to serve his country by traveling to Afghanistan and hunting down Osama bin Laden. Rod Blagojevich tells jurors... Read more »

The EPA Climate Change Rap

It’s got a good beat and you can dance to it…I give it a 6.   For the “coolest administration in history,” Obama’s got a long way to go. I’m also fairly sure that this makes me want to leave all the lights on in the house and waste water just to spite whoever it... Read more »

Trump's Advantage; Obama's Tantrum

Trump's Advantage; Obama's Tantrum
There are some polls that matter and some polls that don’t. For instance, Donald Trump has somehow managed to sail to the top of Republican polls on a combination of market saturation, name recognition and clever strategy. You see, when you study your target demographics enough to understand how to get a momentary hike in... Read more »

Got a Spare $50K? Both Emanuel and Obama Have a Party for You...

Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama are gearing up for a couple of pricey parties in the coming months as Rahm ascends to the throne of Chicago and Obama kicks off his bid to remain President. Tonight at Navy Pier, and practically everywhere else in the City of Chicago, Barack Obama is hosting a one-man bar... Read more »

Obama's Budget Plan Is...Oh, Whatever. I Give Up Already.

Did you make it through Obama’s entire speech on budget planning this afternoon? Excellent. You’re one step ahead of Vice President Joe Biden and possibly me. Clearly, scheduling a speech after lunchtime was a mistake. I suspect, however, the administration considered this a win because, after all, Joe Biden was, at last, silent. Considering his... Read more »

Tuesday's Headlines: Don't Steal From John Kerry

I haven’t been around enough today to fully catch up on the amount of material passing through. I’m just not capable. I’m out doing real things. Like working. And finding the nearest Taco Bell. And so, instead of real posts – the most important bits from the most important people. If Donald Trump doesn’t win... Read more »

Closing Bell: Romney In, Trump's Got a Sharpie.

It’s Monday. It’s the fifth anniversary of Romneycare. It’s…kind of a slow news day because, thankfully, Congress is out of session. Healthcare is sooo successful that Democrats in Missouri are breaking from the party and joining up with the law designed to challenge the Constitutionality of Obamacare. Mitt Romney announces the formation of his exploratory... Read more »