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Census Totally Screws Dems, Not Just In Illinois

Like a number of “blue” states, it appears people are fleeing Illinois like it was on fire and heading to states with questionable school board decisions, warmer climates and compelling roadside tourist attractions. As a result, Illinois stands to lose one House seat to the Bible belt; we’ll be divided into 18 House districts instead... Read more »

Glenn Beck Draws Conservatives, Ire to Chicago

If you didn’t already know from the hilarious revolving image in the below post, my repeated references to taking a bullet for you or the fact that you woke up Sunday morning to find that I vomited all over your Twitter feed with the #rn2010 hashtag, I attended RightNation 2010 at Sears Centre arena in... Read more »

Old Spice Dude Advises President Obama

The Old Spice guy is answering your questions on YouTube and ABC anchor-slash-former Clinton spin doctor George Stephanopoulos decided to get in on the action, asking “Old Spice Guy” how President Obama can win back that all important ladyvote. His advice? Three words: “Presidential Ab Point.” I maintain that the way the Republican Party can... Read more »