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Carol Moseley Braun Wants You To Know Crack is Wack.

Apparently, Carol Moseley Braun planned to increase her second-place lead over Gery Chico by exhibiting some of her characteristic class and wit, accusing Patricia Van Pelt-Watkins of being on crack for the last two decades at a mayoral forum at Trinity United Church of Christ. The most explosive moment in the current Chicago Mayoral race... Read more »

Carol Moseley Braun Launches First...Um...Something

Here I was, all ready to commend Carol Moseley Braun for a somewhat more logical take on Clinton’s side trip to Chicago to stump for Rahm Emanuel (he’s an outsider campaigning for an outsider), given the circumstances and competition. I was even going to ignore this little nugget from Fox Chicago where she classily referred... Read more »

Oh, Danny Davis.

So you can tell a lot about a candidate for office from the website they launch. Rahm Emanuel, for example, running a national campaign with most of President Obama’s advisers at the helm just knocked off right down to the font. Gery Chico had a website from Geocities circa 1997 until he became a... Read more »

Need A Job? Get Related to Joe Berrios.

If there’s anything Joe Berrios is famous for other than that f**king fantastic salt-and-pepper mustache, it’s hiring half of his gigantic family to staff his offices, stuffing the public payroll with every second cousin and old neighbor he could dust off. I guess you can’t accuse him of breaking with tradition. Criticized repeatedly for stacking... Read more »

Is Rahm Emanuel The New Bill Brady?

There have been three candidate forums this week for the mayoral hopefuls and while James Meeks’ eyebrows have attended every single one (or plan to), Rahm Emanuel has been noticeably absent. Something’s missing from Chicago’s mayoral candidate forums: Rahm Emanuel. On at least three nights next week — Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday — just about... Read more »

Politics is Just Like Fashion, One Day You're In...

And the next day, you’re out: The businessman renting Rahm Emanuel’s house withdrew from the Chicago mayor’s race today just hours before a hearing to decide whether he could be on the ballot. Rob Halpin issued a statement saying “the realities of entering the race at this relatively late stage, including the financial and legal... Read more »

Rahm Buys Space on Drudge?

I was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by a poll about my thoughts on the Rahm Emanuel residency issue this morning on the Drudge Report as opposed to the ads for gold or terrifying Photoshops of Nancy Pelosi. I wouldn’t lite to you, obviously, mostly because I’m honored that a candidate would go that far... Read more »

Illinois House OKs Civil Unions

It’s got two hurdles left to be official, but last night, the House approved civil unions by a rather large margin of 61-52. Illinois took a major step Tuesday night toward allowing civil unions for same-sex couples, a sign that gay rights keeps gaining momentum inside a Capitol where it languished for decades. As onlookers... Read more »

Rahm's Renter Rob Halpin Has 99 Problems.

What’s that saying about not f**king with the bull because you’re just going to get the horns? Rob Halpin and company are finding out the hard way what happens when you pick a fight with Rahm Emanuel. They hit back and they take James Meeks with you. Election records indicate a man who helped collect... Read more »

IL House Debating Medical Marijuana

UPDATE: They were several votes short. This will be pulled until early January, likely. **** Apparently, we’re packing everything into one big, freaking day: civil unions, abolishing the death penalty and medical marijuana, which they’re debating on the House floor right now. Illinois lawmakers are debating whether to legalize the use of marijuana for medical... Read more »