Ten Reasons Barack Obama's Day Was Worse Than Yours

Ten Reasons Barack Obama's Day Was Worse Than Yours

Being President has it's benefits. Free breakfasts, cheap cell phone service, helicopter rides. Most days, I imagine, when the Muslim population of the Middle East isn't attempting to nuke itself into a plate of green glass, the economy shows signs of temporary recovery and there are Freedom Fries on the cafeteria menu, it actually seems like a desirable job. Some days, though, like Barack Obama's Tuesday, are really sh*tty.

So in case you fell subject to a bad bus choice, busybodies on a Metra quiet car or an unfulfilled lunch order, just know that, today, Barack Obama probably had a day worse than yours.

  • Obamacare is just so freaking awesome that nearly 30% of companies polled will stop offering their employees healthcare coverage. Now you can "keep your plan if you like it" but only if your employer is willing to foot the bill.
  • The Washington Post channeled the nonexistent bastard child of Roger Ebert and William F. Buckley when it claimed that Obama's speech touting the American automakers' recover was "one of the most misleading collections of assertions we have seen in a short presidential speech." Obama couldn't have done better had he claimed Lady Gaga didn't need an underwire bra. Guess he might want to start getting those daily economic briefings he was so hot on.
  • It turns out people don't like it when the buck that stops at Obama's desk actually ends up on theirs. Or, at least, in their morning Google Alerts.
  • It also turns out that when people give a certain 2008 Presidential campaign major donations, they don't expect their direct line to the Oval Office cut off like Charlie Sheen at 2am.
  • Obama's being beaten in the polls by a man who could be replaced by a Muppet and no one would know until the Muppet's hair failed to stay glued in place at a campaign stop.
  • China, who's major contribution to technology in the last decade has been slave management systems, Internet censorship and mobile execution buses, is kinda sorta thinking that Obama's "big government" is getting a little to big for it's britches.
  • He's lost James Carville. Which means he definitely won't be living in your elevator and doling out advice like he does for Tina Fey.
  • Rich white kids don't think Obama's cool anymore and his tee shirts are on clearance at Urban Outfitters (and, oddly enough, those profits are funding Rick "Spray Tan" Santorum).
  • They've just announced a worldwide shortage of jeans that are two inches too short.

I made that last one up, but it could be plausible. After all, Obama has a habit of wearing acid-wash Mom jeans with Teva sandals and white socks. I can see him being disappointed that his uniform of choice would suffer a disruption. I can't see him being disappointed enough to come up with a comprehensive policy on the matter, but hey, why start now.


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  • I think it is a fair debate whether the economy would have gone off the deep end if nothing were done. It is more than likely that GM and Chrysler would have been out of business, but I suppose one can debate the merits of saving them. The President du jour of GM arguing yesterday that raising gas taxes by $1 a gallon would help him shows that he is just Government Motors, in that even if that would help the sale of small cars, most of it would go to Honda Civics and Fits, Nissan Versas and Cubes, Hyundai Elantras, Kia Souls (hamsters like them), Mike Rowe Fiestas and Foci, and maybe even Scions.

    However, if you want something embarrassing, take this one about Obama making some crack in front of the Jeep subsidiary of Government Fiat about not even a Jeep Wrangler being able to get over the speed bumps in the economy. (I cite USA Today, not that I would read it, but that's the first place the clip came up on Google.)

  • Barak obama does some great works as punish osama for his attack in USA. But its also right that obama should more concentrate in developing the new industry there so that the world crisis of recession can not come again.

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    I really like Obama, and I think he's done a great job as president. No president can be liked by everyone, that's the problem with this job. No matter what you're doing automatically 50% of the population hates you just because you're a Democrat or a Republican. I could never ever be president. I think it's because I would hate not being liked. In this position you can't please everyone and I think people are way too harsh on him because he's done a way better job than our last few presidents. I mean come on Reganomics... please! I think people are just sad that our presidents haven't been like our early presidents such as Washington, Jackson, Lincoln, T. Roosevelt, FDR, but those men had so much more to work with whereas the presidents these days have such gridlock that they can't get anything done because our party lines are too strong. Looking at this list I'm sure Obama's days are worse than mine, but I also think that he has done a great job as president and I hope he gets re-elected!

  • Many help criticize Obama for not upholding his promises while in office, but as pointed out in your blog post there many problems that arise with such a huge responsibility. Many people point that Obama hasn't done much to change our current economic situation but a change isn't going to occur over night. I think Obama has done a pretty good job given the circumstances, and at least he's tried to different methods to get the economy back on it's feet. Everything can't be perfect on the first try, and it will be a continual process of trial an error until visual benefits our seen. Obama is obviously working hard and I think if he continues in office, positive change is on the horizon.

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