Rod Blagojevich Just Wanted to Hunt Bin Laden


In the off chance you were looking for an explanation as to why Rod Blagojevich orchestrated a months-long expedition to determine the cost of appointing himself to Barack Obama's Senate seat, well, it's only because he wanted to serve his country by traveling to Afghanistan and hunting down Osama bin Laden.

Rod Blagojevich tells jurors he discussed the possibility of
appointing himself to the U.S. Senate in 2008 so he could hunt down
then-al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden.

The ousted governor is on
the stand for a fifth day Thursday, addressing the most explosive
allegation against him - that he tried to sell or trade President Barack
Obama's vacated Senate seat. He denies that.

Defense attorney
Aaron Goldstein asked if he'd ever talked to a deputy governor about
appointing himself to the Senate, then traveling to Afghanistan to get
bin Laden.

Blagojevich said, "Yes."

I'm impressed that this was the lead in to the cross-examination, considering that it reeks of the "it's so crazy, it just might work" defense. It's an admirable theory; if all you've got is mountains of the crazy, just let the crazy fly. What are they going to do? Question whether your delusions of grandeur had any basis in reality? Would that be before or after they question you about how you allegedly tried to ruin Jesse Jackson Jr.'s political career, tried to con Rahm Emanuel into letting you pay for Lisa Madigan's pass to the Senate, shook down Children's Hospital, and allegedly let your wife launder millions for a convicted criminal? I mean, given the context, it's not entirely hard to believe that Blagojevich considered himself a one-man Seal Team Six, and you can't fault that. Because it's a mental condition.

The hole is, of course, that nothing was keeping Blagojevich from going to Afghanistan on his own, except maybe his bond agreement, and even then, I'm not entirely sure that the state of Illinois would be opposed to him spending a few months in a cave in a third world country dressed as a goat, waiting for the right moment. Unfortunately for the state of Illinois (but probably thankfully for Rod) we recently captured and killed Bin Laden, otherwise, we could have fulfilled Rod's wishes of an overseas undercover assignment. Actually, we still could.

And that's really not a half bad idea.   


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  • "What are they going to do? Question whether your delusions of grandeur had any basis in reality?"

    Best. Line. Ever.

  • If then Congressman and now Senator Kirk could stay in the Naval Reserve and go on tours of duty, I suppose that Blago could, if he could qualify for the military, which he can't. Sounds like a Cpl. Klinger Section 8.

    This testimony sort of goes to intent, except, as you note, it is too crazy to be true. For nothing else, BinLaden and Blago are both lying scum of the same feather.

    With regard to the other reports that he testified that he was going to nominate Lisa (Madigan) Byrnes all along to get her stepfather out of his considerable hair, I wonder if the prosecution will call Lisa in rebuttal to say that she was not going to take it. Probably not.

  • Desperation would have made a better defense than insanity. Unfortunately, I'm not entirely sure that there was ever any other defense for Blago than insanity (at least until the courts discover "ego").

  • Why didn't he just read the playbook?

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