Palin/Trump 2012?

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He's got the hair, she's got the shoes. They both have reliable methods
of transportation, a history of blatant attention whoring, reality
television shows, limited success in positions of power and questionable
educational backgrounds. So why shouldn't Sarah Palin and Donald Trump
run on an independent ticket together?

The answer escapes Sarah Palin!

Sarah Palin, who is on a bus
tour focusing on historical sites, took time out tonight to meet up
with Donald Trump...Bombarded by the media at both sites, Palin and
Trump made it clear in
their responses how highly they thought of each other. At Trump Tower,
Trump called Palin "a terrific woman and a terrific friend" and said he
would "love her to run."

Palin reciprocated Trump's enthusiasm. Asked how she felt about a
Palin/Trump ticket, Palin gushed, "That sounds exciting. Sounds

She also praised Trump's attitude. "I love his independence," Palin
said. "I love anybody who is not run by a political machine and will say
what they want to say and will put their good experience to use in the
name of service to this country."

Trump even called in to Fox & Friends this morning to explain that,
while he has no intention of ever running for anything ever again until
it's advantageous to a new project, Sarah Palin was putting the hard
sell on him to join her ticket. It's kind of a brilliant plan for Trump,
since Sarah Palin is going to spend the next month or so traveling
around the country in a bus, trying to get the media to follow her to
every truck stop and World's Largest plastic fish on her way to not
announcing that she's running for President (or something - according to
TPM, gas prices are standing in the way
of Palin going further than the politically expedient early primary
states of New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina). Trump is hitching his
wagon to a very bizarre star.

Let me be clear. The 2012 GOP field is full of people who we aren't sure
have met civilization yet. A number of them have names more typically
found in Harry Potter books. Only one of them spent his high school years in a Dungeons & Dragons themed rock band
where he played keyboards inside of a giant cocoon. The worst thing
that could happen is that any of them would win the nomination. At this
point, the GOP could nominate a tuna melt and it would have as good if
not better chance of beating Barack Obama. So I say, why not nominate
Sarah Palin and Donald Trump? At least the campaign would be

Just think: crazy accents, giant hair (the blow drying bill for that
ticket would be astounding), they'd be mostly self-funded, and together,
they could drive even the most even-tempered person insane. It can't
really get better.

I'm excited.


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  • Between the two of these wonders of the modern media, the IQ of the entire city will drop steadily this evening. Palin and Trump make the perfect team of fabricated wealth and politics- how is there room at one table for both egos? Either one causes more harm than good as far as the world-view of America goes. I drew up a visual commentary of the effects of such reckless rhetoric on my artist

  • After a month of nothing, suddenly viral.

    However, at the top you said run on an independent ticket, but near the end basically said GOP nominate the two (candidates don't need to be nominated to get on an independent ticket, just get enough signatures in each state).

    I'm still correct when I said here over a month ago that there isn't a Republican candidate, and you imply as much above. If they ran as Independents, that would assure that enough wing nuts would be split off to assure Obama's reelection.

    But Trump is only doing it for the publicity, and Palin also for what ever book and TV deals she has.

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