Rep. Weiner Tweets Wiener, Goes Meta?


Up until Friday, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) was best known for three things: (1) being a vocal advocate for his issues in Congress, including but not limited to health care, (2) once racking up nearly two thousand dollars in parking tickets in Washington, DC and (3) being attacked by a goat on live television. After Friday, Rep. Anthony Weiner is best known for having an exceptionally appropriate name given his alleged actions on social media.

A New York congressman says a lewd photo sent to a college student from
his Twitter account was posted by a hacker - and he's hired a lawyer to
investigate, his office said Tuesday.

The kerfuffle, which some tabloid press is calling
"Weinergate," kicked off Friday when a photo of a man's bulging crotch
in boxer briefs appeared in Rep. Anthony Weiner's Twitter stream.

The Tweet was addressed to college student Gennette Cordova, 21, of Seattle - but the image was visible to all of Weiner's 40,000 followers.

The post was deleted, but not until the entire continental United States was alerted to, perhaps, the funniest social media mistake ever perpetrated by a member of Congress since Chuck Grassley live-tweeted his leg on fire. Rep. Weiner tweets his wiener and lives up to his name. Sort of. The whole incident would have been better had Weiner tweeted an apology. Or, at the very least, an appropriate explanation.

Unfortunately for the Weiner, both small and large, Twitter hacks are (1) notoriously hard to prove and (2) notoriously hard to prosecute. It's not like the wiener-tweeter is going to come forward, Weiner or not, and Twitter has about as much customer service aptitude as your average American utility company, so, none. He's hired a lawyer to see what he can do civilly (the FBI and local PD are probably useless), but he seems to have figured out that, aside from, he's going to have few avenues for recourse. Not to mention, there probably aren't too of the legal profession who will want to spend the next months of their lives staring at photos of Weiner's weiner and the Twittered wiener, trying to build a case on comparison alone.

Thankfully, the Tweet doesn't seem in character for Weiner, who maintains it's not his wiener. It does bring to light that Weiner follows a surprising number of cute co-eds, but hey, that begs questions about his staffers and his pastimes, not really his propensity for TwitPic'ing his nether regions. Also, would Anthony Weiner really be that willing to subject himself to so many wiener jokes? He doesn't seem like a comedy writer, but he also doesn't seem like he's willing to see the Internet explode with puns and metaphors about his last name and his little friend. That said, if it's an orchestrated prank, that person should immediately be hired by a reputation management firm; his work is just so perfectly metaphorical.

While I don't look forward to hearing more about this story, I do look forward to the Halloween costumes this will inevitably spawn. Oh, poor Weiner's wiener.


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  • As implied by "Rep. Weiner tweets his wiener," if that's the case, he's mispronouncing his name, as the German roots indicate that the second vowel is pronounced, thus making the pronunciation Winer. (My mother worked for one who spelled it the third way.)

    As far as tweeting wieners, Jenn Sterger was on the radio today, but no one has explained why one would tweet that.

  • I should have also mentioned, the third alleged perv congressman from NYS in recent times.

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