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Miley Cyrus Discovers Irony of Urban Outfitters, Hates Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum is something else. He once tried to outlaw the National Weather Service (not an entirely disagreeable position considering AccuWeather provides the same service without sucking up taxpayer funds), quoted Lord of the Rings in a speech about the Iraq War, has seen his name become Latin for “Asshole” and slang for a sexual... Read more »

Rep. Weiner Tweets Wiener, Goes Meta?

Up until Friday, Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) was best known for three things: (1) being a vocal advocate for his issues in Congress, including but not limited to health care, (2) once racking up nearly two thousand dollars in parking tickets in Washington, DC and (3) being attacked by a goat on live television. After... Read more »

Mitt Romney is Team Jacob

The best part of a Presidential primary is watching the candidates, who for all intents and purposes are absolutely inhuman, struggle to relate to the common folk using what limited knowledge they have of popular culture. Sometimes, this involves twenty-year-old references to the early days of “hip-hop.” Sometimes they managed to squeak in some Internet-gleaned... Read more »