Got a Spare $50K? Both Emanuel and Obama Have a Party for You...


Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama are gearing up for a couple of pricey parties in the coming months as Rahm ascends to the throne of Chicago and Obama kicks off his bid to remain President.

Tonight at Navy Pier, and practically everywhere else in the City of Chicago, Barack Obama is hosting a one-man bar crawl designed to raise a couple hundred thousand towards his 2012 re-election campaign. Of course it's not really a bar crawl. Something tells me Barack Obama has never actually been on one of those even before the demands of the Presidency forced him out of the bars and onto the golf course. It's a $15K-per-plate dinner followed by $35K-per-plate dinner followed by a bargain basement $100-per-person DNC party at Navy Pier's Grand Ballroom.

The president is expected to arrive at O'Hare International Airport about 5 p.m., after meeting with Amir Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani of Qatar in Washington.

First, Obama will deliver remarks at a $5,000 to $15,000-per-plate
fundraiser at N9NE Steakhouse. He might not stay for dinner, however,
since he is scheduled to speak at MK Restaurant at 7:35 p.m. The MK
fundraiser costs a whopping a $35,800-per-person and 312 Dining Diva's Audarshia Townsend reports that the president will stay for dinner there..

After dinner, President Obama will head to Navy Pier. The "fundraising
kickoff" in Navy Pier's Grand Ballroom is the cheapest of the three DNC
fundraisers Thursday, costing between $100 and $250 per person. The Chicago Tribune reports that Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose will also attend the Navy Pier event.

The $35K per person dinner menu includes appetizers of grilled Maine lobster sandwiches, farm raised perch and steak tartare; entrees of demi-cured Maine salmon or seared scallops and rosemary braised short ribs; dedicated wine pairings and a vanilla panna cotta for dessert. If you're in the black enough to afford both the dinner and the party, you can meet Colbie Callait. 

Now, if you're not quite tapped out after even that soiree, next month, Rahm Emanuel will host a series of events exclusively for special donors, including a concert in Grant Park, a champagne reception and a private party with dinner at a secret location the night he's inaugurated as Chicago's new mayor. You can buy the cheap seats for $5K, but the campaign will gladly accept checks even if they're in excess of $50K.

Under the heading "Chicago Together," the invitations for the Emanuel
festivities describe four categories of contributors. Besides
co-chairs, who get "VIP tickets" to the concert and the inauguration,
the other packages being offered by the committee include:

* "Sponsor." For $25,000, you also can get four
tickets to the concert, the inauguration and the Venue 1 reception, but
unlike co-chairs, sponsors only are entitled to a maximum two tickets to
the dinner.

* "Supporter." For $10,000, they will receive two
concert tickets, four tickets to the Venue 1 event and two VIP tickets
to the inauguration.

* "Friend." This $5,000 package buys two concert tickets, two reception tickets and two "reserved" tickets to the inauguration.

Look, if you have $50K that you're able to blow for dinner and a movie with Rahm, I have a student loan you can pay off. And I'm not even saying this needs to be some kind of either-or type situation because no one is saving their pennies for a four-person inauguration party. Unless you are, in which case, we need to talk.

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