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The EPA Climate Change Rap

It’s got a good beat and you can dance to it…I give it a 6.   For the “coolest administration in history,” Obama’s got a long way to go. I’m also fairly sure that this makes me want to leave all the lights on in the house and waste water just to spite whoever it... Read more »

Trump's Advantage; Obama's Tantrum

Trump's Advantage; Obama's Tantrum
There are some polls that matter and some polls that don’t. For instance, Donald Trump has somehow managed to sail to the top of Republican polls on a combination of market saturation, name recognition and clever strategy. You see, when you study your target demographics enough to understand how to get a momentary hike in... Read more »

Sharron Angle Singing the National Anthem

Welcome to your week, America.  I love you, too.

Yesterday's News: Ron Paul's Christmas Lights

Today, we might have legalized prostitution in Chicago. Yesterday, Ron Paul put his house for sale on the Internet. Coincidence? I think not. This is, quite possibly, the dumbest thing I’ve ever read, though you do have to hand it to Florida. They want to license people to do something that was previously illegal…just so... Read more »

Abortion Bill Succeeds In Creeping Me Out.

Abortion Bill Succeeds In Creeping Me Out.
I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the whole “ultrasounds before abortions” thing or how I feel about defunding Planned Parenthood (being familiar with some sketchy areas, I’d probably trust them before I’d go to the highly-touted government clinics that are usually your only alternative in lower-income ‘hoods), but I do know that, in... Read more »

Got a Spare $50K? Both Emanuel and Obama Have a Party for You...

Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama are gearing up for a couple of pricey parties in the coming months as Rahm ascends to the throne of Chicago and Obama kicks off his bid to remain President. Tonight at Navy Pier, and practically everywhere else in the City of Chicago, Barack Obama is hosting a one-man bar... Read more »

Yesterday's News: The LensCrafters of News

I sort of like this setup better. This way, you can get yesterday’s news today and I can consistently post on this blog without finding myself cursing having to write while a freshly-minted trashy mystery novel waits patiently on my Kindle. Without further ado, everything that happened…yesterday. If you need to learn anything before becoming... Read more »

Obama's Budget Plan Is...Oh, Whatever. I Give Up Already.

Did you make it through Obama’s entire speech on budget planning this afternoon? Excellent. You’re one step ahead of Vice President Joe Biden and possibly me. Clearly, scheduling a speech after lunchtime was a mistake. I suspect, however, the administration considered this a win because, after all, Joe Biden was, at last, silent. Considering his... Read more »

Tuesday's Headlines: Don't Steal From John Kerry

I haven’t been around enough today to fully catch up on the amount of material passing through. I’m just not capable. I’m out doing real things. Like working. And finding the nearest Taco Bell. And so, instead of real posts – the most important bits from the most important people. If Donald Trump doesn’t win... Read more »

Closing Bell: Romney In, Trump's Got a Sharpie.

It’s Monday. It’s the fifth anniversary of Romneycare. It’s…kind of a slow news day because, thankfully, Congress is out of session. Healthcare is sooo successful that Democrats in Missouri are breaking from the party and joining up with the law designed to challenge the Constitutionality of Obamacare. Mitt Romney announces the formation of his exploratory... Read more »