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Geography Is Not a Pre-requisite to Congress

The country of Libya, home to our latest squirmish, is in Africa. Now that you know that, you are at least one step ahead of Rep. Tom Marino.

Mr. T. Invented the Tea Party?

A-Curious as to why you have an almost uncontrollable rage when it comes to the government? According to this man, who apparently analyzes Americans’ behavior for a living for the Center for American Progress, though you wouldn’t know that by his novelty tee shirt, it’s because, when you were little, you watched a ton of... Read more »

Oprah To Force Made-Over Trump - and Rosie - on America?

I’m not entirely sure that the direct plan here is to attack Trump’s chances at winning an election, but I am fairly sure that nothing good can come of allowing Oprah to make you over, unless you’re a really big fan of pricey, shapeless pantsuits, pointy-toe flats and layered, over-processed hair color. But given that... Read more »