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Davis Drops Out, Braun Drops In

Let’s recap the last week, shall we? Neil Steinberg writes a scathing column about Carol Moseley Braun that sends her through the roof. Rep. Danny Davis revoked Bill Clinton’s street cred. Braun then responded by calling Steinberg a drunken wife-beating racist on the morning news. Steinberg acknowledged possibly being a drunk but not a wife... Read more »

Carol Moseley Braun Launches First...Um...Something

Here I was, all ready to commend Carol Moseley Braun for a somewhat more logical take on Clinton’s side trip to Chicago to stump for Rahm Emanuel (he’s an outsider campaigning for an outsider), given the circumstances and competition. I was even going to ignore this little nugget from Fox Chicago where she classily referred... Read more »

Oh, Danny Davis.

So you can tell a lot about a candidate for office from the website they launch. Rahm Emanuel, for example, running a national campaign with most of President Obama’s advisers at the helm just knocked off right down to the font. Gery Chico had a website from Geocities circa 1997 until he became a... Read more »

Census Totally Screws Dems, Not Just In Illinois

Like a number of “blue” states, it appears people are fleeing Illinois like it was on fire and heading to states with questionable school board decisions, warmer climates and compelling roadside tourist attractions. As a result, Illinois stands to lose one House seat to the Bible belt; we’ll be divided into 18 House districts instead... Read more »

Rahm Emanuel Hoards The NYT

This week has been boring as sh*t. Basically, we’re waiting with baited breath to see if people who often appeared to be from outer space will successfully convince the Board that Rahm Emanuel’s not enough of a resident to effectively run for mayor.  Meanwhile, in the event you’re into seeing what’s in other people’s crawlspaces,... Read more »

Need a Job? Narc on Parking Meter Sketches!

Need extra cash for the holidays? Turns out you can make $8.50 an hour selling out fellow Chicagoans who’ve overstayed their welcome at the city’s parking meters. SERCO, the company that supplements Chicago’s parking ticket enforcement by supplying the city with a non-union force of parking ticket writers is hiring. From the Parking Ticket Geek:... Read more »

The Mystery of Rahm Emanuel's Boxes

I haven’t written much on Rahm Emanuel’s residency hearing because there hasn’t been much to write unless you’re really into watching crazy people question a man who looks to be silently plotting their demise. Tuesday’s hearing made the Cantina scene in Star Wars look like an organized attempt at a community meeting. A few highlights:... Read more »

Rahm Emanuel Is Probably Watching Your Mayoral Campaign

Rahm Emanuel may be busy defending his residency today, particularly given that a tax-form snafu seems to indicate that he told the federal government he was only a “part-time” resident in the city of Chicago (his campaign claims the returns were inconsistent with his continued payment of Illinois state taxes), but Rahm’s Little Helpers are... Read more »

John Boehner Probably Hates What You're Wearing

So it turns out that Republican leader John Boehner is surprisingly opinionated on other people’s outfits, considering that he looks like an orange Creamsicle. Dare to not brush your hair? Or thinking about making a bold fashion statement on the Hill? Watch out for Speaker-elect John Boehner, who might want you to reconsider. Call him... Read more »

Harry Reid's Stupidity Spells End for DADT

What do you do when you have a bill, enough Senators in negotiations to send the “yes” votes right to the 60 you’d need to pass it and every gay rights activist in the country holding a bottle of the most expensive champagne you can find? Well, if you’re Harry Reid, you dash their hopes... Read more »