Rahm Emanuel Hits Up Hollywood For Cash

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Obviously, his reception in Chicago has been less warm than expected, so rather than releasing a stream of expletives on national television, he's taking his mayoral show on the road to the West Coast where people are still comfortable with him, possibly because they have yet to encounter reality.

I've just learned that five well-known Hollywood Democrats -- David
Geffen, Bob Iger, Peter Chernin, Haim Saban, and Ari Emanuel -- are
hosting a November 4th fundraiser for Ari's brother Rahm Emanuel in his
bid to become Chicago's next mayor...he Hollywood fundraiser will be held at Saban's palatial Beverly Hills home.

It's kind of weird that Rahm would have to travel three thousand miles to meet with a bunch of people who know little to nothing about Chicago politics in order to raise a buck or two. First he films his "hey I'm in Chicago" video in his DC office and now he holds his first Chicago fundraiser in Los Angeles? I get that "local issues" don't seem to matter a whole hell of a lot anymore - plenty of candidates are raising cash from people whose lives they can't immediately f**k up - but he's got to be aware of the PR consequences...right? Especially now that Howard Dean's machine is in Chicago backing a certain hooker-busting, foreclosure-stopping, well-coiffed Cook County sheriff...right?

I suspect the marketing genius behind this is the same one who suggested that Barack Obama start using teleprompters and checking the price of arugula in the Whole Foods.



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  • Let me be the first to say, if the people of Chicago give this chump any serious thought of being their next mayor after what we all just saw how the white house was staffed with the dozens of czars that have NO ONE TO ANSWER TO EXCEPT THE PRESEDENT then this city is in for a whole lot of trouble!!! Do the people of Chicago want to bring that type of corrupt leadership to city hall? Let's hope not!!! Haven't you people had enough of that type of leadership coming out of city hall? Here's a chance to take the city back from all the criminals that have milked the taxpayers dry for years and years now and for once in a century have this city run like a real city of the people and should be run and governed. Don't blow this chance with more of these same criminal type candidates!!!

  • In reply to tomeg42:

    Don't you wish you were smart enough to know what you were talking about? Czars? You're still on that? Try looking up why those job titles were called "czar of ...." By the way, have you ever even lived in Chicago? It doesn't sound like it at all.

  • In reply to tomeg42:

    Rahm Emanuel will make a great mayor of Chicago. He's passionate for the city, knows how to get things done (like both Daley's did), and has the political know-how to manuever in and around the political landscape. Chicago needs someone like Emanuel to continue the Chicago legacy of "The City That Works".

  • In reply to ChiTownArkie:


    I question whether you have ever stepped foot in Chicago, much less ever lived here. The only thing Daley jr. has done in the past 10 years was hook his buddies up with jobs and dig the city into a hole that are children

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