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Headed Into The Home Stretch: A Roundup With Charts!

I’ve missed a lot of stuff this weekend while I’ve been trying to convince the greater Chicagoland area that yes, indeed, I closely resemble Tina Fey and yes, I would like people to buy me drinks as a reward. It started out as Snooki, but I couldn’t bring myself to admit that I actually own... Read more »

I Am Still Not Voting For Bob Dold.

Who: Bob Dold, his campaign team and two speakers blaring the greatest hits of the 70s on repeat. What: Campaign event outside of a Metra station. Where: Right outside my apartment window. When: 6:30 in the f**king morning, yesterday. I guess this could have been worse. It could have been playing the Dold theme song... Read more »

Vote For Pat Quinn Or You'll Disappear?

I don’t know what’s weirder, that Pat Quinn is channeling Rickey Hendon or that we’re hit a point in the election process where the sound bites have stopped making sense altogether: In the final week before Election Day, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn continues to reach out to Illinois gay population, hoping to highlight the stark differences... Read more »

Democrats Accidentally Suppress Their Own Mail-In Voters

Turns out the Republicans don’t need any kind of complex operation to suppress Democratic voters. The Democrats are doing a fabulous enough job of it themselves. An Illinois county election official is telling the ABC 7 I-Team that thousands — potentially hundreds of thousands — of voters who are expecting a ballot sent to them... Read more »

Tom Dart Fakes Out Everyone, Won't Run For Mayor

You know what? This should be like dating. If you lead me on, you should be required to follow through. I’m sick of these ridiculous head fakes. We find out this morning that Tom Dart, despite weeks trying to goad Rahm Emanuel into a dance-off, is perfectly happy in his job ending the foreclosure crisis... Read more »

Santa Quinn's Bizarre Job Tour

I haven’t written a bad word about Bill Brady being stupid in a f**king week. Since he and Quinn are, theoretically, separated by only one percentage point (which I highly doubt since Quinn’s cross sections show he’s squishy with minority voters, running even with women and slightly behind with suburban Chicagoans), you’d think Quinn’d be... Read more »

Rickey Hendon Ruins Pat Quinn's Party

I could say that this isn’t Pat Quinn’s fault, but here’s the thing: one, he or someone he knew invited Rickey Hendon who has no filter between his brain and his mouth – in fact, he’s famous for it – and two, if he really thought his original campaign strategy – painting Bill Brady as... Read more »

Everybody Hates Rahm Emanuel (With Bonus Tom Dart Dance-Off?)

It’s not like we didn’t see this coming from a mile away once Gutierrez supporters didn’t get their man and a few key players were forced out of the race very early on, but it’s funnier now that the parties in question are coming together to form an evil little alliance they are actually calling... Read more »

Scott Lee Cohen's Job Fairs Shockingly Not Very Job Heavy

I was sort of wondering about this myself considering that I’d been to a few “Chicago job fairs” and never quite found anyone actually willing to hire me, blog notwithstanding. In fact, I’d never found anyone offering an actual job. So imagine my surprise when people on the radio were vomiting all over themselves about... Read more »

Obama In Chicago To Compete With Sanity Rally?

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will be hosting the million-moderate march on Washington in an effort to put an end to the insanity that has gripped our political process since candidates realized that elected leadership was a slightly more acceptable profession than prostitution. It’s an admirable goal, and since some of us weren’t successful in... Read more »