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Rahm Emanuel Will Leave White House Tomorrow

This time, the AP is actually citing sources, so you know it’s closer to being true than it was on Tuesday. Two people close to Emanuel say that he’s will be resigning his post tomorrow and by Monday will be kissing up to Chicago voters, HQed probably out of someone’s basement. Two people close to Rahm Emanuel... Read more »

Pat Quinn's Underwear Is In Springfield

In case you didn’t know – and I suspect you didn’t – there was a gubernatorial debate today between Pat Quinn and Bill Brady at the Union League Club downtown. That’s OK, I don’t think anyone else other than people who were paid to cover the event actually attended. And if you weren’t among those... Read more »

Sarah Palin Is Exactly Like Your Mom

There’s been much consternation over whether Sarah Palin was booed during her appearance on Dancing With the Stars last night. I can’t officially tell you one way or another whether the audience’s vocal displeasure was directed at the Mama Grizzly, the judges’ cruel, cruel scoring of Jennifer Grey’s remarkable comeback, or Brook Burke’s ridiculous clear... Read more »

Rahm Mayoral Shot Ruined By Angry Tenant?

Obviously Rahm’s been trying to put the Chicago pieces together for a run at mayor, but there’s one sticky wicket that just won’t get solved. As it turns out, you need to actually be a resident of the city of Chicago to run for mayor and while Rahm Emanuel has had a residence at 4228... Read more »

Rahm Packing Up His West Wing Office This Week?

At this point, can you even consider this to be a rumor anymore? It’s like they’re just toying with us now. Obviously, Rahm Emanuel is leaving Washington (can you blame him, really?). Obviously, he’s running for mayor. First, he totes blew off Luis Guiterrez, who is, quite honestly, the only other serious candidate for mayor,... Read more »

Alexi Giannoulias Has a Bad Hair Day

Both President Obama and his wife Michelle will be in town this week to campaign for Alexi Giannoulias, he on the 7th, she on the 13th. Obviously, the Giannoulias campaign is desperate for cash because, with Obama’s approval ratings sagging, Democrats across the country are regularly shunning his advances. Alexi, who is running neck and... Read more »

Debbie Halvorson Would Like Adam Kinzinger To Get Off Her Lawn

For the next eight weeks, expect to see nothing in the way of paper towel and beer commercials. Expect to long for the days when you had an uncomfortable thirty seconds with your parents watching old people sit naked in bathtubs while an announcer talked about four-hour-long erections. Chicago, we’re about to enter campaign season... Read more »

Want to Keep Your Job? Pat Quinn Might Have a Deal For You.

Illinois residents may be suffering from unemployment woes. They might be struggling financially. They might be receiving no comfort from their state government. They might be facing the prospect of higher income taxes if Pat Quinn gets re-elected. But this is probably because they don’t belong to AFSCME. Just days after being endorsed by the... Read more »

Jesse Jackson, Jr. May Have Lied To Feds, Bagged Swimsuit Model

This isn’t going to help a certain person’s campaign for mayor. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. directed a major political fund-raiser to offer former Gov. Rod Blagojevich millions of dollars in campaign cash in return for an appointment to the U.S. Senate, sources said the fund-raiser has told federal authorities… The allegation by Oak Brook businessman... Read more »

Lady Gaga Will Convert Your Moderate On DADT

UPDATE: Lady Gaga is apparently not enough. Word from the Hill is that both Collins and Snowe will vote “no” on cloture. The vote is now moved back until 2:30 ********** The Senate is set to vote today on whether to move forward on repealing the ridiculous Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy that forbids gays... Read more »