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Kathleen Sebelius: Gear Up Or Get Reeducated

  Every time I think this administration had grasped the modern vernacular, they say something that is so utterly tone deaf I can’t hope to believe it’s true except that it was probably said on national television. This time, though, Joe Biden isn’t accidentlaly referrring to every Dunkin Donuts employee as being from the Asian... Read more »

Bristol Palin to Dance With the Stars

You know, I always love a happy ending. Bristol Pain may have ended up single with her boyfriend and baby-daddy somewhere in LA apologizing for apologizing to her mother and faking an engagement and reconciliation while scoring some sort of reality television program, but she’s not staying down. Nope. She’s back in the saddle with... Read more »

Brady Still Sucks, But Apparently Not Enough

Looks like this race is close to being in the bag provided Bill Brady doesn’t totally f**k it up in the next ten weeks: The latest Rasmussen Reports statewide telephone survey of Likely Voters shows Brady picking up 48% support, his best showing to date, while Quinn earns 35% of the vote. Six percent (6%)... Read more »

Teachers & Food Stamps: A Lesson In Your Government

Ever wonder how you get government to cut spending? Make sure that a major special interest that they desperately need to maintain control through an election will not sleep until they’re sure someone other than them is getting screwed. In this case, to hell with the poor people, the Dem Congress needs nationwide endorsements from... Read more »

You May Pay Blagojevich's Legal Bills

You May Pay Blagojevich's Legal Bills
I bet that you’ve always wanted to fund the trial of a corrupt bureaucrat, haven’t you? It’s like a dream, forking over your hard earned tax dollars to the state of Illinois knowing that they’re going to fund police officers, teachers, street cleaning and Rod Blagojevich’s half-assed defense. As juror contemplate the fate of former... Read more »

Blogging Will Be Light

Rest assured if something fantastic happens, I’ll be here, but I’m taking some time off to get other stuff done and get a clearer idea on the direction of the blog. But mostly to get other stuff done. Unless someone wants to volunteer to pack up my apartment or something…

Obama and I Heart Graham Elliot And Other Birthday News

Last year for my birthday dinner, my fiance took me to one of my favorite restaurants in the city Graham Elliot, for an incredible deconstructed Ceasar salad, perfectly grilled lamb and a fabulous birthday cake decorated with home-made chocolate Pop Rocks. Which is why I am excited and a bit conflicted about this report. What... Read more »

Bristol and Levi Call It Quits But Is It Over?

As if no one saw this coming: Levi Johnston is such a publicity whore that he lured Bristol Palin into a romance rekindle in order to get his name back into the papers, then revealed that he may have knocked up some other chick and had every intention of moving to Los Angeles to begin... Read more »

Michael Steele Is Spending Time With Foreigners

I can’t say for certain whether this is customary for an RNC official, but judging by the fact that even people who work there are kind of confused as to why Michael Steele is setting up pre-election meetings with foreign dignitaries who can’t vote, I’d say…no. The Republican National Committee is trying to set up... Read more »

Illinois Senate Election Suddenly Becomes Really Important

Your November ballot for Senator just (officially) got a lot more confusing and the Democrats in Congress probably just wet their pants in fear of your reading comprehension leading to a rational outcome. A federal judge says Illinois’ special election for President Barack Obama’s former Senate seat will feature the same candidates who qualified for... Read more »