Pat Quinn Tees Up Best Campaign Commercial Evah.

Look, I love the campaign commercials I've seen so far from the Democratic Party or whoever is spending nearly half a million dollars per week. I enjoy knowing that Bill Brady would like to kill me, my pets and ensure that, should I not lose my life to his policies as he clearly intends, I will subjected to a second-tier status by virtue of my being female. Because Bill Brady clearly hates women. The Democratic Party told me so, and I didn't bother to go read the bills they reference because this commercial is on television and I believe, unquestioningly, what the television tells me.

It's no wonder Brady is opening up a larger lead over Pat Quinn. I can't stand the sight of Bill Brady and those commercials make me want to vote for him just so they'll stop running. Well, that and I sort of want to see a bunch of Democrats cowering in fear in lean-tos the morning after the election.

Plus, Pat Quinn can't seem to keep his employees on message. Guess what, Illinois? He's got a surprise planned for you in January and his budget director just spilled it to Bloomberg.

Illinois, which is in its worst
financial position ever, will raise the income-tax rate in
January to address its deficit, Governor Pat Quinn's budget
director said.

Lawmakers will likely increase the personal tax to 5
percent from 3 percent, generating $6 billion of new revenue,
the budget director, David Vaught, said in an interview. The
legislature failed to address the deficit this year because of
the pending November election, he said.

"We're going to pass a tax increase in January," Vaught
said. "We expect it is going to be substantial."

Usually, in campaign season, people like Pat Quinn would want to hide their tax increase plans in comforting words like "wealth redistribution," "social programs" or "fun fees" but, instead, they've apparently thrown caution to the wind and decided to just inform you right off the bat that you're looking at writing a nice fact check to the state of Illinois next week...well, those of you who aren't already unemployed, that is.

That should be comforting to all of those overtaxed Cook County residents who claim they won't vote for a country bumpkin because he might not understand how his policies apply to their ozone-saving bike lanes and their gourmet food carts and their Lollapalooza. I'll give this man points for being honest, but I won't give him points for having great political foresight.

I just hope that this is developed into a Brady campaign commercial. It wouldn't need to be high budget or even creative. Just yellow words on a black screen.

"We expect it is going to be substantial."

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