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Why Did I Move Out Of Michigan?

Blago is nice, but he’s never drunkenly ridden a bike, broken into his own home and then brandished a gun in front of his children like the guy who represented me in the state legislature when I lived in Michigan did. Do I lie, you ask? I do not. Less than two weeks after he... Read more »

Elena Kagan: Not Into Twilight

Greatest. Photo. Evar. I have two choices on what to watch during the day: court shows and Elena Kagan hearings. Actually, I could also watch children’s programming, Mexican soap operas or the Food Network. All of them would be more interesting that her Senate confirmation hearings, which have, so far, bored even her. That is,... Read more »

No Offense, Oprah. We Were All On Blago's List

So I’ve been listening to Rod Blagojevich’s trial through tidbits on the radio, and perhaps I’m missing the overwhelming severity of what he’s done, but to me, nearly everything the state presents fails to prove to me that Blagojevich was anything other than a plain old idiot. Not that that makes him any less guilty... Read more »

How Is Bill Brady Still Leading?

Okay, listen Bill. I have some unsolicited advice. When you make a proclamation, assume that everyone who hears it is going to spin the statement to best suit their own needs. As agreeable as your position might be, just, for a second, assume people don’t agree with you. This isn’t particularly hard because, in 50%... Read more »

Gore-y Tale Gets Weirder

Apparently, as Byron York discovers, Al Gore’s hatred of George W. Bush runs…um…yeah. An interesting detail from the police report alleging sexual impropriety by the former Vice President shows he’s got interesting taste in mood music. The accuser said Gore maneuvered her into the bedroom. His iPod docking station was there, he told her, and... Read more »

Chicago Gun Ban Ruled Unconstitutional!

So, Chicago, you may now, subject to reasonable restrictions put in place by Chicago authorities, purchase handguns. The Supreme Court, in a 5-4 decision rendered this morning, all but struck down Chicago’s handgun ban as unconstitutional. The Supreme Court rules 5-4 to strike down state and local laws banning handgun possession. Update at 10:15 a.m.... Read more »

Al Gore is a Crazed Sex Poodle

Does anyone find Al Gore attractive? Or for that matter, how is Al Gore even remotely sexual? He looks like what would happen if you washed the Jolly Green Giant in cold water with a bagful of brown tube socks and added in a whole mess of awkward. He’s like, the last person on Earth... Read more »

You've Lost...That Whole Mess of Felons

Look, I’m as angry as anyone else about Dustin Byfuglian being traded to God-knows-where, but so far, that’s not the worst thing Chicago has lost this week. As it turns out, Pat Quinn’s brilliant plan to conserve prison space by early-paroling a bunch of dangerous criminals backfired and now a bunch of them are running... Read more »

Rahm Emanuel: Sacrificial Lamb or the Pefect Breakup?

Rahm Emanuel is about to be shown the door of the West Wing and then asked politely that he not allow it to hit his rear end on the way out. The Obama Administration is savagely denying rumors that started in a British publication, that say Rahm is about to quit DC and return to... Read more »

Illinois Highland Games: Men. In Kilts. Yay!

The Johnnie Walker table at the whisky tasting...Green Label. Yum.
So I spent Saturday getting sunburned, watching men walk around in kilts (it’s really hot. Seriously. HOT), enjoying good Scotch and steak and mushroom pies, and witnessing great feats of human athleticism (and bagpipies!) at the Illinois St. Andrew’s Society 24th Annual Highland Games. This is like my Christmas. And I’m not even Scottish.