Wanna Buy A Governor?

Back to our regularly-scheduled less-heady material. No, I'm not talking about Rod Blagojevich (like it or not, you can't get Rod for the $7,500 you'll need for this item). It turns out that the Florida GOP isn't writing the defection of Gov. Charlie Crist off as a total loss - they're going to recoup at least a tiny bit of their money by auctioning off Charlie on Ebay.

...or, at least, his official portrait:

The Republican Party of Florida is looking to make a little profit
off the defection of Gov. Charlie Crist -- by selling a portrait of the
recently announced independent on eBay.

The oil painting was originally purchased for party headquarters in Tallahassee. Party officials say they paid $7,500 for the Crist portrait and a painting of former Republican Party of Florida Chairman James A. Greer.

Lest you think they jest -

Yeah, it's creepy. They didn't even bother to even out the tan. Actually, it sort of looks like they just Photoshopped a picture of Norm McDonald. 

They've also included a snarky "product description," drawing a terrible metaphor between characteristics of the painting (sensitive to humidity, stretchy, medium-density fiberboard) and Charlie Crist's actions of late (sensitive to humidity, wishy-washy, possibly made out of leftovers). The real story behind the painting is better than any contrived reference they could make, though: it seems Crist himself actually commissioned this painting, along with another, for $7,500 of the taxpayer's money. There was a third portrait, but the dude who commissioned it (as well as masterminded the whole portrait-getting initiative), was actually fired earlier this year. The GOP tried to not pay the artist in the hopes that the whole mess would just go away, but, generally speaking, artists like to be paid and she came looking for her money.

There's 56 bids and plenty of time for you to be the owner. You know you want to.


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  • Being a formal Florida resident I can assure people first hand that Florida residents are not big fans of Crist. Minus the most southern part of the state, Florida is a very conservative state. He put a bullet in his head politically by supporting the not-so-popular stimulus bill. He is perceived to be one who is afraid to take a stand on anything in attempt not to offend anyone. Look where that gets you.. everyone hates you. George Bush tried that with his "compassionate conservatism". No such thing.


  • That seems like a crappy portrait anyway. Could look a lot more like him.


  • it's creepy.

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