Obey Out, MTV Grads In?

So David Obey and his magnificent beard and ridiculous temper are no longer in contention for Wisconsin 7th. Apparently, the people at home did not take to kindly to David hearting the Obamacare bill and now he's going to "retire" rather than face his constituents at the ballot box.

In short, this sucks for Democrats.

Not only does Obey currently own the largest chuck of Wisconsin, which leans only slightly Democratic, consistently outperforming and outrunning even candidates from his own party, but his departure means that Wisconsin will most likely get a Republican. And not just any Republican. They're getting Sean Duffy, most known for being the token Republican on MTV's Real World Boston.

The young Duffy -- the Ashland County district
attorney, who Republicans say is running a strong campaign -- would
certainly represent a change.

"It's not a lifetime appointment," Duffy told the New York Times. "There are changes in this country going on, and people aren't happy."

He was on Real World: Boston in 1997. It's safe
to say, he would be the first Real World member elected to Congress.
Duffy doesn't shy from the Real World connection.

Not that that's not ten kinds of awesome all by itself, but he's married to Rachel Campos, another Real World cast member (San Francisco), who, before hooking up with Sean on a season of Real World-Road Rules: All Stars (ZOMG!) dated David "Puck" Rainey (who, in an unrelated story, got hit with a DUI last week after a car crash in California). They have, like, a hundred children and live in rural Wisconsin, which is freaking adorable because they are all ridiculously attractive. Also, he's a three-time world champion lumberjack. And his kids are also lumberjacks. It's like if you took Sarah Palin, improved the IQ and added pop culture cred not based on looking like Tina Fey, you would have Sean Duffy.

My only fear, of course, is that other reality television stars will find out about this possibility, and if Duffy succeeds, will believe they are capable of running for and achieving elected office. I mean, yes, this is all well and good for some - and the secret alliance-forming, backstabbing and whatnot is perfect practice for DC - but...seriously...Spencer Pratt.


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