Brady Not Most Out-Of-Touch Politician

Bill Brady and I have not made up. We are still not friends.

Yes, Gov. Quinn creeps me out, primarily because he looks like my dad (I'm not even kidding, a clerk in Nordstrom last summer drooled all over my dad thinking he was getting a pair of Rockports for the governor), but seriously, Bill Brady's campaign appears to be run by elves hopped up on espresso. First, he kicks off his campaign with a puppy-killing bill. Then, he tried unsuccessfully to blow off Sarah Palin. Now, he's trying to earn the record for most public contradictions in a single month.

CapitolFax Reports:

It's been reported that Sen. Bill Brady lobbied the House Republicans hard against borrowing to make the state's scheduled pension payments. Brady has called the governor's pension borrowing idea "kicking the can down the road," and "digging the hole deeper" for the state. And we've already pointed out that Sen. Brady actually has proposed borrowing to eventually balance the budget, despite his statements to the contrary.

Seriously. There is nothing that is standing in the way of a Republican takeover in Illinois except got it...Republicans. NOTHING. They could have phone in the first part of the campaign, appearing in public only to fire paperwork and register sound bites, and they'd be in a better position than they're in right now, by far. Maybe it's lost on them, this newfangled word-of-mouth marketing, but in the great Interwebs age, people can communicate faster and better than ever before, so they know stuff. They can, you know, search the archives of major news publications for contradictory statements.

I'll hand Brady this: the gaffes have moved from being strictly about ridiculous stuff like whether puppies should be murdered en masse to budget issues and financial solutions, which is a step in the right direction, and honestly, his campaign can't get worse than Charlie Crist, who has answered his RNC portrait auction

Charlie Crist has at times in his career, reportedly, eyed the White House.

Now, the St. Petersblog reports, he's running his campaign out of a former lingerie store called "Maison Rouge."


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