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Lakefront Goes Wild, Daley Blames...Suburbanites?

This story over on Arresting Tales and Second City Cop got me shook me up a little since, over the last few weeks, the police blotter for my little Gold Coast corner has gone off the charts with crack busts, burglaries, even a sexual assault (not sure how much of the readership crosses over, so... Read more »

The Price of Freedom

I stole that title from Ed at Hot Air because the only one I could immediately think of was “Happy Memorial Day,” which to me sounds strange. There is a lot to be happy about today, no doubt – it’s a day to remember the great gift we have been given in liberty – but... Read more »

Mt. Prospect: Awesome Place to Live, or Awesomest?

We don't have to vote for him anymore, and this is the old electronic sign. *Sigh*
So I’m not from Mt. Prospect or anything, but my significant other is, and apparently everyone he knows knows Lee DeWyze of American Idol fame. They all have these stories about how he was hanging out in hallways after their classes, or he borrowed some DVDs he has yet to give back, or he took... Read more »

Mr. Pitt Goes To Washington

I’m not opposed to celebrities who use their influence over the American public to sell things, including politics. Its not like, were I suddenly to become world famous, that I wouldn’t lord my ridiculous beliefs over all you peons. Let’s be honest here. But I hate that celebrities thing that just because people listen to... Read more »

Did the White House "Bribe" Joe Sestak?

You know, I tend to think that, as screwed up as the American government is, that, on the whole, members of it refrain from illegal activity. This is primarily because they make the laws so, generally, they know them. But last week, as Joe Sestak was poised to beat Arlen Specter for the Democratic nomination... Read more »

Mayor Daley Talks Guns, Threatens To Shoot Reporter

The Supreme Court may overturn the Chicago gun ban, siding with the recent Second Amendment ruling declaring that the language of the amendment provides for an individual right to own a firearm – a right not to be infringed by the federal government at least. Or they might not overturn the Chicago gun ban, siding... Read more »

Mayor Daley Throws Gloves Down On San Jose

Ahhhh…hockey. Dear Chicago, as a former resident of Hockeytown, I have to say, you’ve got a ways to go before you’re prepared to adequately…um….prepare for the arrival of Lord Stanley. This week, you painted your fountains pink instead of red (and, incidentally, it appears the Hancock building is a few shades off, too). Your major... Read more »

Obama Agrees With AZ Immigration Law?

You betcha. Or, rather, the Obama administration continues to support the Federal law which the Arizona immigration law copies almost word for word. According to the Washington Post, it appears that the Obama Administration is a little lax in getting around to repealing a Bush Administration memo that encourages states like Arizona to adopt the... Read more »

Daley Missing The Point Of Transparency

Not that this is some sort of surprise – that the city government of Chicago has managed to take a concept with generally positive connotations and deliberately bungled the meaning to suit their own needs and, quite possible, embarrass their political enemies – but at one time I believed that they couldn’t be this…er…transparent in... Read more »

Rick Bayless Hits The Beltway!

Rick Bayless and his guacamole-from-heaven are headed to Washington D.C. The occasion? Bayless has been asked to prepare one of his fabulous Mexican meals for none other than Felipe Calderon, President of Mexico, at an upcoming state dinner. Mr. Bayless, who was asked once last year to cook at the White House but had a... Read more »